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36637A - COVID 19 Robot Fighter


Entry ID #: 9397
Created: Thu, Dec 31, 2020 10:48 AM

Robots Fight Coronavirus The video is showing our protected daily life at our robotics club! 1. The robot measures the human’s temperature to allow him to enter. 2. The robotic gate allows you to enter after measuring the temperature if it seems good. 3. AI technology was used to detect wearing masks. 4. The robot sanitizes the place continuously. 5. Automatic hand sanitizer was used to sanitize hands during work. 6. Safety glasses were used at work. We seek to serve the community by creating an integrated system to protect our daily life. Watch and enjoy!

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COVID 19 Robot Fighter


   mohamed4567mohamed45 on 01/14/2021

Wonderful effort I liked your work I wish you success

   ae274982 on 01/14/2021

It is a great video. I loved it, your ideas are wonderful, and I hope that it will be realized on the ground. The video shows your creativity and ingenuity. Good luck

   ssama7448 on 01/14/2021

ideas and I hope they are applied to reality

   Morojmostafa on 01/03/2021