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The Community Award Online Challenge Sponsored by Google

This year’s Community Award will be presented to VRC or VEX U teams that are helping or supporting their local community throughout the pandemic. How are you connecting, as a team, to make a difference in your community when in-person connections are limited?

Activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Team created a public service announcement to encourage social distancing practices using VEX robots
  • Team organized food drives
  • Team organized a robot parade for the neighborhood
  • Team built robots that perform tasks to support COVID-19 efforts
  • Team programmed a robot to lift someone’s spirits… like those in care facilities who must stay indoors and out of contact with other people or for front-line workers

Additionally, the submission will be judged on creativity and quality of the video.

The submission will be a video not to exceed 3 minutes, including credits, that highlights the team’s community-wide contributions. The video will be posted or uploaded to a video streaming service, and a link to the video will be submitted through the REC Foundation Online Challenge website.


8086Y- Community award


This is our team's submission for the Community Award Online Challenge

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16610A 2020-2021 Community Challenge


Due to our school and many other schools in Canada closing down their robotics programs, we started a non-profit organization STEM of Tomorrow dedicated to giving kids a quality education. 

We started this term by launching 2 courses, Java and VEXcode VR. These courses which we taught ourselves gave 60 kids quality and lasting STEM education.

Though STEM of Tomorrow was started due to the Pandemic we will continue to teach and operate the Non-profit in the future. We hope to give everyone quality STEM education.

*Our Articles of Incorporation to prove...

STEM of Kaneohe


The VEX Team here at James B. Castle High School is part of a bigger movement within the school. As a part of the Innovations Academy, the VEX Team works with many other programs like STEM Club, the Seaperch Team, Girls who Code, the Engineering Pathway, to perform community outreach and service projects. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Innovations Academy has organized several of these projects. These projects include outreach to the feeder schools within Castle’s complex that expose students to STEM fields and show that anyone can be an engineer.

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Sharks Cheer Up Robot!


This robot was built and programmed by our robotics team to go into a hospital or care facility to cheer up the sick or elderly. The robot can perform a dance and a light show that we programmed using VEX Code. 

Thank you!

Sharks Robotics


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Funny Monkey Robot made to spread joy!


We had a lot of fun building Funny Monkey Robot and drove it around our school to cheer up everyone on the last day of in person classes for the school year. After Thanksgiving our school will only meet online and we visited classes during lunch to cheer them up!

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Let's Give Back to The Future


We are 2602B from Hopkinton High School! Here is our submission for the Community Award!

Statement of Intent

This year, many negative situations occurred, but there were also some positive events too. We wanted to contribute to the positives.  As a team, we decided to help as many as possible. Using the skills we had gained from robotics, we worked on projects benefiting three groups of people. 


Entrants: Tanisha Rajgor, Gurleen Kaur, Hemankit Vallurupalli, Sidhi Dhanda, Kenneth Wan, Cindy...

3885 Robotics Community award submission.


Inclosed is our submission for the Google Community Award. The video goes over what we do for the robotics teams arund us and all the work and assistance we provide for members of our community. 

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Stocking Stuffers for our Veterans


As team captian of team 7409Y the goats I am proud to announce that our hard work is finally paying off but, as many of you have come to realize our veterans at the retirment home can't have visitors, so lets do our part to help them have a merry christmas. 


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Robotics Transports Us Back to the Future!


We are the Sandpiper Hexperts, 2657A, a new VRC team comprised of five, diverse students. We created our robot prototype, Handy, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our schools and help us get back to a “new normal.” Please enjoy our video, "Robotics Transports Us Back to the Future!"

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Team 95070B's Community Challenge Submission


Hello, we are Team 95070B. 

Coronavirus has affected almost everyone in the world, and our team is no exception. We cannot meet in-person everyday, practice on the same field, nor attend regular competitions. One activity that we especially cannot do, is our normal outreach. In any regular year, our team and the rest of our club would go out to elementary schools in our city, and demonstrate the functions of our robot, and introduce robotics. Yet because of Coronavirus restrictions, our club could not plan on doing any in-person outreach events. 

Stay Safe video


A public service announcement from our Robotics Team, encouraging all community members to follow safety rules during the pandemic.

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Team Checkmate - Community Award Online Challenge...


This is our submission for the community award online challenge. We took a different approach and took a bit of a twist on the challenge. We hope you enjoy it!

Description/Intent of Video: While in person activities are limited, playing Among Us helps to create bonds within our team. It develops trust and allows us to feel more comfortable around each other. With a stronger bond, we are a stronger as a team and make a more impactful difference in the robotics community.

Team Checkmate: Anish Deshpande, Micah Thigpen, Saaya Patel, Spencer Biziorek, and Justin...

Community Award ITESM Qro


We are a beginner team from the Tec de Monterrey campus Queretaró


After the courses we learnt a lot of the possibilities and the importance about teaching the next generation the impact technology has on our world. Also, these activities helped us to understand that we can make a change no matter the distance, we just have to work hard with organization to improve together.

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1028Z: Spreading STEM Education to the Next...

1028Z Robotics

We are team 1028Z from Omaha, Nebraska. Members of 1028Z have worked for years to spread STEM education, both through our robotics team and a service organization we founded, JuSTEMagine. During the pandemic, our team has come together to support and inspire thousands of students locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. 

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Ear Savers to the Rescue

Team 65292C

     We are 65292C from Bartlesville, Oklahoma. For our Google Submission, we made ear savers and donated them to our local Elder Care center. We used the design process to create these ear savers. We went through several design iterations to achieve our highest standard. 

Note: We are social distancing together.

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8838D Spark's Community Award Challenge Video

Murad Malik:)

Here is 8838D Spark's Community Challenge Video. Enjoy! 

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Food Delivery Made by Robot


This is Vex Team 90F video entry to the Community Award Online Challenge Sponsored by Google - Food Delivery Made by Robot. Each of us collected food and supplies. We then designed and built a special delivery robot for the purpose of delivering the items to the Chester County Food Bank while practicing social distancing. This is how we wanted to help our community as well as to lift our spirits during pandemic.

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Protecting Our Community


Hi! We are team 421H. During this pandemic, we wanted to give back to our teachers and staff by making the school a safer place to be — So we created a cleaning robot which autonomously sanitizes desks with the help of a UV light, killing germs and viruses including COVID-19.

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Santa's Delivery Robot


The Robotics Team and French Club joined forced to help deliver Christmas cards to an elderly assisted living community. I created a robot that could deliver the French Club's homemade Christmas cards to the elderly home since we were not allowed inside the building. 

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Six Feet the Robot


The first responders do a lot for our community. I used my savings to get each member of the Belmont Fire and Police Departments a gift card from Dunkin' Donuts. I also got the K-9 Unit a gift card. I designed my robot to deliver the gift cards remotely.

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Community Service: Time to Change Up


COVID-19 has limited our resources, but it has not hindered our ability to help others. Using our knowledge and experiences, we are hosting a virtual workshop about the basics of STEAM for students grades 3-5, which will help create a diverse group of minds later on.

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3303X Against COVID


Covid-19’s ruinous impact necessitates short term solutions, such as our mask collection and distribution campaign and the Mask and Hand Sanitizer Distribution Robot we designed, to aid the vulnerable, and long term solutions, such as the R-MAVI wheelchair designed to relieve stress on healthcare workers, to prevent further devastation. 

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STEMCrashCourse Event for Community Award...


This is Team 1965Z's entry for the 2020-2021 Google Community Service Challenge. 

Many schools in our region don't have much STEM curriculum or weren't able to teach STEM effectively during the pandemic, so our team organized 2 workshops for local middle schoolers. We created "STEMCrashCourse." 170+ students attended these workshops and we received a lot of positive feedback. Over the course of 2 months, we first came up with the idea, created an in-depth curriculum for the workshops, made a website, and created flyers while reaching out to dozens of...


Critical Error Community Service

Critical Error 33011X

Critical Error Robotics (33011X) is an independent VRC team in North Carolina that has been serving our community for four years.  

Critical Error runs local VRC events through the Triangle Robotics League (TRL). 33011X helps set up and run all league workshop, competition, and community outreach activities.  As part of these outreach activities, we have introduced thousands of people to competitive robotics by building portable clawbot and shooterbot demo competitions that we bring to local festivals and charity fundraising events, and we loan...

Help in Hard Times


My team, the Aviators, decided to do a food drive for our community.  We know that covid has made this a rough year, and we know that many people have had trouble providing food for their families this year.   So we wanted to help out!  Please enjoy our video! 

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NanoRaiders Creations: Creating Visible Positive...


One of the greatest souls who ever visited this planet, Mahatma Gandhi, once said “to be the change you wish to see in the world”. As a global changemakers, we are working on popularizing STEM-activities locally, nationally, and internationally to extend opportunities and making a visible positive change in our societies. We embraced our STEM/robotic promotional journey right in the middle of digital divide. This divide exacerbated STEM-divide. The importance of STEM-promotion enhanced during digital divide. Lack of quality STEM-education and lack of good teachers in...


The Computer Recycling Club


50 word statement: Due to social distancing, COVID-19 forced opportunities--jobs, education, communication--to be online. This leaves behind the most vulnerable: those that don’t even have electronics. To bridge this digital divide, 936C started the Computer Recycling Club. With over 20 members, we fixed/collected over 150 electronics and donated them to low-income families.

Other info: We are unsure if the local news segment showcased constitutes as in "the public domain", but we have been given permission to show it. Also,...

How 2772J Gives Back to Its Community


2772J is quite active within our community making changes we believe in through our apprenticeship program. In order to reach out to youth, we developed an international Apprenticeship program for young girls aged from elementary school to middle school.

With the intention to assist them in recognizing whether they are truly interested in the field of robotics, the Apprenticeship program provides adequate opportunities for apprentices to experience building robots, learning programming, and developing their teamwork skills. Currently, we have an international reach with 10...

Override with the Community


Robotics and STEM isn't just about learning and enjoying. It's also about helping the community.

We at Override realised that, whereas VEX promotes the fun and learning part of Robotics, the best STEM engineers use their skills to help the community. And that's exactly what we set out to do this season. 

The worrying pandemic of COVID-19 has left the world in a state of disarray, with various groups in need of help. Override decided we should use our aquired STEM skills to help aid various groups. We did various activities and...