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Team 95070B's Community Challenge Submission


Entry ID #: 9321
Created: Fri, Dec 25, 2020 2:23 PM

Hello, we are Team 95070B.  Coronavirus has affected almost everyone in the world, and our team is no exception. We cannot meet in-person everyday, practice on the same field, nor attend regular competitions. One activity that we especially cannot do, is our normal outreach. In any regular year, our team and the rest of our club would go out to elementary schools in our city, and demonstrate the functions of our robot, and introduce robotics. Yet because of Coronavirus restrictions, our club could not plan on doing any in-person outreach events.      Instead, we decided to start a speaker series, where various people, currently and formerly, in our robotics team talk to elementary and middle schoolers about robotics, and lead virtual hands-on activities. Our team lead organized the series, and was the first speaker in it. He talked about the engineering design process, and led an interactive challenge using the design process. Besides reaching out to younger children, we wanted to focus especially on younger girls. Since people are most affected by gender bias in elementary to middle school years, it was a crucial time for us to reach out and show that robotics is for all people, girls included.      We have spent hours on end creating and organizing this speaker series, as well as editing this video.  Thank you for considering our entry,  Team 95070B  


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