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How 2772J Gives Back to Its Community


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Created: Thu, Dec 31, 2020 2:50 AM

2772J is quite active within our community making changes we believe in through our apprenticeship program. In order to reach out to youth, we developed an international Apprenticeship program for young girls aged from elementary school to middle school. With the intention to assist them in recognizing whether they are truly interested in the field of robotics, the Apprenticeship program provides adequate opportunities for apprentices to experience building robots, learning programming, and developing their teamwork skills. Currently, we have an international reach with 10 apprentices from places like South Africa Due to the current COVID-19 situation, 2772J has devised a safer alternative for distributing hand-sanitizer and masks during tournaments or public gatherings- a sanitization bot. With the robot built and programmed by our own builders and programmers, the sanitization bot provides the entire community with a way to ensure individual safety without constantly being at risk for exposure to the coronavirus.  The idea of the robot is that it comes to you with required sanitization materials such as hand sanitizer and face masks so that there is no need to risk social distance. As well as that, in the front of the robot, there is a notice which contains the name of the robot, the importance of precautions and sanitization as well as a small joke to bring a smile on someone’s face. We would like to install and use these types of robots in stores, and necessary events during this pandemic to keep both workers, and customers safe through no contact sanitization, awareness of the importance of precaution, and a small joke to lighten up everyone’s day. We hope to use this robot at any tournaments we attend so that we can do our part in this pandemic.


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2772J is quite active within our community making changes we believe in through our apprenticeship program which is a program we run for young girls who are interested in robotics but don't have a medium to explore it. In the current COVID-19 Pandemic, team 2772J has created a mobile Sanitization Robot that dispenses and gives sanitizer and masks to those in need. We would like to see it implemented in stores and any events to keep all customers and workers as safe and contact-free as possible.