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Encore Online Challenge: VIQC Elementary School VEX World Robotics Championship

The REC Foundation wants to continue celebrating the achievements of the teams that qualified for the 2020 VEX Worlds Fantasy Robotics Tournament. We recognize many students were disappointed the 2020 VEX Robotics World Championship in Louisville, KY was cancelled, so we are excited to share an opportunity that may provide an additional pathway to qualify for the 2021 Remote VEX Robotics World Championship. We would love to invite back all the teams that qualified in 2020, but unfortunately that is not possible. Instead, the REC Foundation is selecting 50 VIQC Elementary School teams for an opportunity to attend the 2021 VEX Robotics World Championship through the Encore Online Challenge. 

Eligible teams for the Encore Online Challenge must continue working hard this season! Eligible teams need to submit a PDF document with their team information and a (3) three-minute video sharing how they persevered after the 2020 season including their accomplishments this season. Teams should carefully review the eligibility, judging and requirements section below.



Online robot programming race with VR VEX. (VR...



Our students chose the disk collection map on They programmed the robot to complete the task on the map. Our goal is to do the task in the shortest time and with the shortest command. Our students who ranked as a result of the competition were rewarded.

TR: Öğrencilerimiz adresi üzerinden, disk toplama haritasını seçtiler. Haritadaki görevi tamamlayacak robotu programladılar. Hedefimiz en kısa zamanda ve en kısa komut ile görevi yapmak. Yarışma neticesinde derece yapan öğrencilerimiz...

Team 47764C Entry for Encore Online Challenge:...


Video featuring our team and PDF that contains Team Information

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VEX IQ Encore Online Challenge Team 8379A Voltage


Hi! We are team 8379A Voltage! Here is our video and PDF!

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Encore Online Challenge: VIQC Elementary School...



Name Grade Level Status
Siyuan (Steven) Zhu 5th Qualified to worlds last year
Peiyi Wang 5th New to 16688B and didn’t qualify to worlds last year



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Encore Challenge, Team 17432A Electrobots


Hello! We are the 2020-2021 Electrobots in 2nd and 3rd grade from Cedarville Elementary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Thanwa, who is new, Sophia and I (Aubriana) who were original Electrobots, and Emmett who was a Firebot last year. We received a bid to Worlds by earning the “Think Award” for the very first time for our program at the Indiana State Championship in March. We hope you will enjoy our video!

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Hello from Wyoming


Legion VI from Gillette, Wy

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Encore Online Challenge: VIQC El School VEX World...


Here's our information from our PDF and it's also attached in the files section. 

Team 28100A VIQC Members SY2019-2020

  • John Bauda (Gr.6), Jacob Gutierrez (Gr.6), Tyler Penz (Gr.6), Jace DeGuzman (Gr.6), Khloe Raine-Lopes (Gr.5)

Team 28100A VIQC Members SY2020-2021

  • Jacob Badua (Gr.4), Lance Riveral (Gr.5), Khloe Raine-Lopes (Gr.6 / return Worlds Qualifier team member)

 Primary Team Contact for 2020-2021 VIQC...

Engineering For Kids - The Eiffel Tower

Engineering For Kids Australia

We are fighters, we strongly believe we deserve to compete in the VEX Robotics World Championship 2021.

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Encore Online Challenge


Team 60269A VIQC Elementary


Team members who qualified for the 2020 VEX Worlds Fantasy Robotics Tournament

Abigail Queen, Hayden Jarrett, and Greyson Wiseman


Team Members for the 2020-21 season

Abigail Queen, Hayden Jarrett, Greyson Wiseman, and Tessa Jordan (new to team)

Team Number for 2020-21 Season: 60269A


Primary Contact:

Barbara Harris

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