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VeX-Men 76414C

Entry ID #: 9465
Created: Thu, Mar 4, 2021 7:54 AM

Hi! We are team 76414C VeX-Men. We are a group of 4 8th graders from Caston Jr. High School. On our team is a member of a qualifying team for Worlds last year. Of the 4 of us 3 have been doing Robotics since it started at our school 5 years ago and 1 joined after the first year. We have all been teammates on and off over the years, but decided to all be one team this year since it was our last year of IQ. We hope this video qualifies us for Worlds this year. Its been a rough season for us with our team getting caught up in quaranties 3 times and having to miss 3 competitions because of either quarantine or the weather. We really hope you enjoy our video as much as we did making it for you! Thanks for your time!