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Encore Online Challenge: VIQC Middle School VEX World Robotics Championship

The REC Foundation wants to continue celebrating the achievements of the teams that qualified for the 2020 VEX Worlds Fantasy Robotics Tournament. We recognize many students were disappointed the 2020 VEX Robotics World Championship in Louisville, KY was cancelled, so we are excited to share an opportunity that may provide an additional pathway to qualify for the 2021 Remote VEX Robotics World Championship. We would love to invite back all the teams that qualified in 2020, but unfortunately that is not possible. Instead, the REC Foundation is selecting 50 VIQC Middle School teams for an opportunity to attend the 2021 VEX Robotics World Championship through the Encore Online Challenge. 

Eligible teams for the Encore Online Challenge must continue working hard this season! Eligible teams need to submit a PDF document with their team information and a (3) three-minute video sharing how they persevered after the 2020 season including their accomplishments this season. Teams should carefully review the eligibility, judging and requirements section below.

Winners for the Encore Online Challenge will be announced by Friday April 23rd.


Encore Online Challenge - 1012W


Here is our submission to the VEX IQ Encore Online Challenge! We spent lots of time on this video and we hope you enjoy!


Speakers: Sean Chan-Sato, Kobe Sam, Lucan Chugani

Editor: Sean Chan-Sato

Videographer: Sean Chan-Sato

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94927D Encore Online Challenge


Students from 94927G, who qualified for World last year, would like another shot this year.

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Team 61002G VIQC Encore Online Challenge


Caleb, Jack, Bentley and Sam, of team 61002G, qualified for Worlds last season, and are hoping to do the same this year. 

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The Cheez-ettes Encore Online Challenge Video



Our team members are Chloe, Annabel(Bella), Grace, and River. Our robot's name is Pepper Jack. We are an all girls team from Roosevelt, Utah, and this is our second year as a team. We love robotics and it has helped us to grow a lot! 

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16688C Encore Challenge Entry



Information Document:


Austin: Majority of the editing and recording and voicing lines

Hao: minor editing and voicing lines

Devin: voicing lines snd minor recording

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87531G Cyber Eagles


Attached is our PDF for our information and also the you tube video link for our entry video. Thank you so much. 

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VeX-Men 76414C


Hi! We are team 76414C VeX-Men. We are a group of 4 8th graders from Caston Jr. High School. On our team is a member of a qualifying team for Worlds last year. Of the 4 of us 3 have been doing Robotics since it started at our school 5 years ago and 1 joined after the first year. We have all been teammates on and off over the years, but decided to all be one team this year since it was our last year of IQ. We hope this video qualifies us for Worlds this year. Its been a rough season for us with our team getting caught up in quaranties 3 times and having to miss 3 competitions because...

28102B Angels in Beta 2.0


28102B Angels in Beta 2.0 

Encore Challenge

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214D (Indiana - HHMS) Encore


214D's encore entry for 2021, excited to get back at the robot fun! We can't wait to hopefully get to worlds.

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85974F Online Challenge


Five of our 7 2020-2021 team members qualified for the 2020 World Championships last year.  This video is our bid to gain entry to the 2021 World Championships.

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Engineering For Kids Australia - 20188M

Engineering For Kids Australia

Introduction of Engineering For Kids Team 20188M from Australia and our accomplishment.

We worked so hard and we love robotics, we deserve to go to the VEX Robotics World Championship 2021.


Thank you

Team 20188M

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Team 11110T Encore Submission


We’re team 11110T from Greenspun Junior High School in Henderson, NV. Members are Andrew G, AJ M, Fiona M, Andrew P,  and Alexandria S. 

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214f- Indiana- HHMS


Team 214F Encore Challenge Entry 2021 

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13952A: Function of Construction Encore Challenge


The members from Function of Construction are excited about having the opportunity to experience everything Worlds has to offer.  This accomplishment was the highlight of a hard fought battle to succeed last year. We have watched our other teams make it to Worlds for two years as bystanders and then finally it was our turn.  Then COVID19 took away our dream of participating in one of the most glorious parts of VEX. Despite having these setbacks, we continued to push forward until we finally made it.  Being given this chance again will...

214A (Indiana) Encore Challenge


Our encore challenge video and pdf. 

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Indiana HHMS 2021 214B


This is our score challenge for 2021

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5 for 5 Encore


3-2-1- VEX! Yes, we have risen above and now we are set for an Encore in 2021!   

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Why Rising Phoenix 11108B Should be Invited to...


Team 11108B earned a spot at Worlds 2020 but due to the pandemic was not able to go. They worked hard not only in robotics but in community service during the pandemic and they should be invited back this year.

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4606M Encore


We are team 4606M, an all-girls middle school VIQC team, and this is our submission for the Encore Online Challenge. We made it to Worlds last year by winning the Innovate Award at State. We hope to return to Worlds this year! Thank you for your consideration.

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Encore Challenge 55821C


Please see the attatched video and pdf file. Thanks for this amazing oppertunity.

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Team 1012C Encore Online Challenge


Yoonie, Siwon, and Ava from team 1012C qualified for Worlds last year and would like to do so again this year.

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409B Encore


Team 409B's submission for the Encore Challenge! Our fingers are crossed!

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Team 11110Z Encore Challenge


Hello, we are team 11110Z. We have all been in robotics for 2 years though 5th and 6th grades. Except for two of our teammates, Evelyn and Payton, they were on a robotics in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. All of us were on the team that qualified for worlds last year. We all work very well together and have fun together. We think that we should go to Worlds because we all qualified for it last year, and we have worked so hard. We hope that you enjoy our Encore Project. 

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55821Z Athenabots Encore Challenge


Hi, we are the Athenabots 55821Z. Our team consists of 5 girls. Four of the five of us have been together for three years and the 5th girl joined last year so we know each other very well and are all good friends. We have fun together and would love to be able to participate in Worlds this year. Our goal is to qualify at our State tournament, but we would still enjoy having another opportunity to qualify. Only one of us has ever been to Worlds and the rest of the team was so excited to go to worlds when Covid hit. To go to Vex IQ Worlds virtually would be the best reward our team...

Corner School


Team 17387B entry 

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Llama Bots Worlds Entry


We are team 98989Z Lama Bots, our team members are Carson Kasper, Ethan Giovanetto and Griffin Hubber. We have been a team for three years now and are every excited to be in robotics again, and hope to see everyone at worlds.

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JagTech B - Encore Challenge - 2021


Students that qualified for 2020 VEX Worlds Fantasy Robotics Tournament

Aniyah Bishop
Qualified for VIQC Worlds with team 20762 B (5th grade)
Flori Bosslet
Qualified for VIQC Worlds with team 20762 A (5th grade)
Myles Jones
Qualified for VIQC Worlds with team 48466 A (7th grade)
Team Number

Members of our team 48466 B
Damari Jordan
*Myles Jones
*Flori Bosslet
Jaylan Allison
Precious Olokode
Raphael Garcia
Gabby Arend
*Aniyah Bishop
* Indicates a person...

JagTech A - Encore Challenge 2021


Students that qualified for 2020 VEX Worlds Fantasy Robotics Tournament
    Qualified for VIQC Worlds with team 48466 A (6th grade)
    Qualified for VIQC Worlds with team 48466 A (7th grade)
    Qualified for VIQC Worlds with team 20762 B (4th grade)
Team Number

Members of 48466 A
*Caleb Baker
Hector Bonilla
*Christopher Castellon
*Jonathan Bokish
Kaiden Jackson
Jafet Herrera
* Indicates a person that qualified...

13952B Robo-Nados Encore Online Challenge


Robo-Nadoes is a team from southeast Arkansas.  Last year, they had an excellent VEX IQ season.  They practiced many hours and had their sights set on the Arkansas State VEX IQ Championship.  Once they qualified for the state championship, they were determined to bring home a trophy.  They succeeded by bringing home the Excellence Award and the Skills Champion Award.  They double qualified for Worlds and were super excited.  They were finally going to get the chance to represent their state at VEX Worlds.  This all came to a halt when the pandemic...

1696Z - Encore - VIQC Middle School VEX Worlds


Encore Online Challenge: VIQC Middle School VEX World Robotics Championship

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Robohillers 1715 Titans Encore Submission


We are Team 1715T. Our Journey to qualifiying Vex IQ Squared Away Worlds was a long and perilous one. But we have persevered through, and believe that we should qualify for Rise Above.

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Loading... 76414B


HI! We are 76414B. We are a Junior High Team made up of 2 6th graders, a 7th grader, and an 8th grader. Our 8th grade member was a part of a team that qualified last year for Worlds. We have had our fair share of troubles this year, but have still mananged to find some success and would like to continue with competiting at Worlds. We didn't qualify at our State competiton because yet again our Robot got camera shy and didn't successfully run its program. We hope to break it of this! Thank you for your consideration!

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Girl Power-Team 16868A Encore Online Challenge


Our team members are Kaitlyn & Yoyo. We have been doing robotics for the past 5 years. As a girls team, we hope that we can send a bigger message to change perspectives of STEM for future aspiring females in this aspect.

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16868C Piethon - Encore Online Challenge


We are team 16868C

Last year we qualified for worlds by winning multiple awards in multiple events, which included Teamwork Champion award in Kalihari Signiture Eventand in Ontario Provincial Tournament.

Last robotic season ended abruptly and we would love to have a chance to compete on the international stage this year!

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2929 A Rockbots Miami FL USA


Team 2929A“Rockbots” VIQC Miami FL USA

Team Members

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28102D Apollo 27


Apollo 27 Encore Challenge


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The Circuit Girls Encore Challenge


Breaking News: The Circuit Girls were heading to Worlds... when it was canceled. 

Watch the story here on the Circuit Girls, team 66954A, and what is in store for them.

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16868B Piethon - VIQC Encore online Challenge 2021

Team 16868B

Here is Team 16868B’s Video for the Encore Online Challenge. Daniel and Jathan talk about their team and how they have progressed so far. We want to show you our passion for Vex, please enjoy the video!

Thank you for the great opportunity!


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214B Encore Challenge


Vex IQ Encore Challenge for 214B Fusion

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28102A The A.N.T.S.


28102A The A.N.T.S.

Encore Challenge

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Team 11110A Encore Challenge


Team 11110A Encore Challenge (Henderson, NV)

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1140M Encore Online Challenge

Ameya - 1140M


1140M is a Vex IQ Team based in Ontario, Canada. We are excited to be competing again this year. Robotics is our passion and we try our hardest to persevere no matter the circumstances. We worked very hard on our submission and we hope you enjoy it!

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VIQC Encore Challenge 20202X


Here is our team information

- Team 20202X (Middle School)

- Seeun Park, Yoonhyuk Cho, Wonjun Lim, Tina Cho, Chloe Choi, Gwanu Kim, Matthew Jeong, Clare Park, Jennie Lim, William Choi, Dokyung Yoon, Hyunchan Seo

And introducing video and slides were attached

- Introducing video

- Introducing slide


Thank you for the great opportunity

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Team Number



Member status