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There ain't no stopping 3204E now

Entry ID #: 9557
Created: Tue, Mar 16, 2021 4:14 PM

Video: Vex Encore Challenge 3204E

Team:     3204E Evaristus

Division: Senior VRC

School:   St Peter's College Palmerston North


Charlie Mollard   Yr13   3204E

Isaac Murray      Yr 13  3204E

Anna Skiffington Yr 12  3204E

Joash Javier Yr 11 3204A 

2020 Intermediate Excellence award champion


Vex Encore challenge 3204E

There ain't no stopping team Evaristus now. Team: 3204E Evaristus Division: Senior VRC School: St Peters College Palmerston North Awards: Vex iq Excellence award 2015 Teamwork champion 2015 STEM research project 2017 Build Award 2017 Teamwork champion 2018 World championship Inspire award 2018 VRC Excellence award 2020 Promote Award 2020 Full robot reveal coming soon. Song: Star Artist: Bobby Saint




   vanharens on 03/17/2021

Great job, team SPC Bots Evaristus!. You can be very proud of your team, your robot, this entry and all the hard work you have put in this season!

   mollardc on 03/16/2021

first comment.