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7405M Millburn Mercury Encore Online Challenge

Entry ID #: 9581
Created: Tue, Mar 16, 2021 11:21 PM

We are HS VRC team #7405M, Millburn Mercury, from Millburn NJ. Last year the our team qualified for the 2020 VEX world championships by winning the excellence award and tournament finalists at the NJ states competition.  Team 7405M consists of 8 team members from Millburn High School. We are happy to inform you that a total of 5, current (2020-21 season), team members qualified for the VRC 2020 World Championships from three different teams (#7405M, #7405P, #4610H) last year. This year, we have all enjoyed combining our diverse knolwedge and experiences to design, build, and code a successful bot. While the COVID-19 pandemic kept us from competing in person at worlds last year, we were still determined to compete this year while uploading proper precautions. Even with school being mostly remote and other extracurricular activities canceled, robotics is something that we could all enjoy working on together amidst everything.  Thank you to the REC foundation for launching this incredible opportunity!