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Encore Online Challenge: VRC High School VEX World Robotics Championship

The REC Foundation wants to continue celebrating the achievements of the teams that qualified for the 2020 VEX Worlds Fantasy Robotics Tournament. We recognize many students were disappointed the 2020 VEX Robotics World Championship in Louisville, KY was cancelled, so we are excited to share an opportunity that may provide an additional pathway to qualify for the 2021 Remote VEX Robotics World Championship. We would love to invite back all the teams that qualified in 2020, but unfortunately that is not possible. Instead, the REC Foundation is selecting 50 VRC High School teams for an opportunity to attend the 2021 VEX Robotics World Championship through the Encore Online Challenge. 

Eligible for the Encore Online Challenge must continue working hard this season! Eligible teams need to submit a PDF document with their team information and a (3) three-minute video sharing how they persevered after the 2020 season including their accomplishments this season. Teams should carefully review the eligibility, judging and requirements section below.


Team 99060K Encore Challenge


Our team, 99060K, the Westminster Knights from Birmingham, Alabama would like to submit our form and video displaying our team members, our hard work, challenges we have overcome, and the successes we have enjoyed this season as a platform for showing why we feel we should be selected for a spot at Worlds this year.  We started this team last year with three ninth graders, Dani, Grant and Walker as the very first VRC team at our high school.   We have the same team of the original three guys for the current season with the addition of a new member for 2020-2021, Matthew....

45133C Vex Robotics team


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team 319k encore challenge entry


we are team 319k and with one of our team mates, Dylan who was on 319k last year as a middleschool team qualified for virtual worlds and even made it to semi finals after wining the insight division. now this year we have added our top programmer from last year, nathaniel. and a new team mate to help with inperson building and auton, landon. we have been working hard and if we dont qualify at our state competition due to very hard competition like 315k, 315r and others. we think that we should qualify for worlds based off of our performance this year in the normal competition season. we...

4478S video


4478S Encore Challenge Video


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