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Team 99060K Encore Challenge

Entry ID #: 9420
Created: Sat, Jan 23, 2021 7:28 PM

Our team, 99060K, the Westminster Knights from Birmingham, Alabama would like to submit our form and video displaying our team members, our hard work, challenges we have overcome, and the successes we have enjoyed this season as a platform for showing why we feel we should be selected for a spot at Worlds this year.  We started this team last year with three ninth graders, Dani, Grant and Walker as the very first VRC team at our high school.   We have the same team of the original three guys for the current season with the addition of a new member for 2020-2021, Matthew.  We have built this team completely on our own without a coach or mentor.  We have watched videos, googled, and sought informaton over zoom with a VEX U student who was so gracious to help us with some progamming issues.  We have continued working very hard this year and have been  able to secure a number of awards at the competitions we have been able to participate in. Because of so few competitions in Alabama, we travelled to Tennessee in October and were very successful against 30 Tennessee teams and 1 Georgia team.  We had planned  to go to Carrollton, Georgia before Thanksgiving; however, we were unable to attend due to quarantines imposed on our guys from school exposure.  We have plans to return to Tennessee for two additional competitions (Brentwood (Nashville) and Chattanooga)  this spring, as well as participate in more remote skills competitions.  We are excited about all we have achieved and learned this year, and we greatly appreciate your consideration of our team for this Encore Challenge! Sincerely, Dani, Grant, Walker and Matthew Team 99060K Westminster School at Oak Mountain Birmingham, Alabama