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Encore Online Challenge: VRC High School VEX World Robotics Championship

The REC Foundation wants to continue celebrating the achievements of the teams that qualified for the 2020 VEX Worlds Fantasy Robotics Tournament. We recognize many students were disappointed the 2020 VEX Robotics World Championship in Louisville, KY was cancelled, so we are excited to share an opportunity that may provide an additional pathway to qualify for the 2021 Remote VEX Robotics World Championship. We would love to invite back all the teams that qualified in 2020, but unfortunately that is not possible. Instead, the REC Foundation is selecting 50 VRC High School teams for an opportunity to attend the 2021 VEX Robotics World Championship through the Encore Online Challenge. 

Eligible for the Encore Online Challenge must continue working hard this season! Eligible teams need to submit a PDF document with their team information and a (3) three-minute video sharing how they persevered after the 2020 season including their accomplishments this season. Teams should carefully review the eligibility, judging and requirements section below.

Winners for the Encore Online Challenge will be announced by Friday April 23rd.



Team 99060K Encore Challenge


Our team, 99060K, the Westminster Knights from Birmingham, Alabama would like to submit our form and video displaying our team members, our hard work, challenges we have overcome, and the successes we have enjoyed this season as a platform for showing why we feel we should be selected for a spot at Worlds this year.  We started this team last year with three ninth graders, Dani, Grant and Walker as the very first VRC team at our high school.   We have the same team of the original three guys for the current season with the addition of a new member for 2020-2021, Matthew....

45133C Vex Robotics team


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team 319k encore challenge entry


we are team 319k and with one of our team mates, Dylan who was on 319k last year as a middleschool team qualified for virtual worlds and even made it to semi finals after wining the insight division. now this year we have added our top programmer from last year, nathaniel. and a new team mate to help with inperson building and auton, landon. we have been working hard and if we dont qualify at our state competition due to very hard competition like 315k, 315r and others. we think that we should qualify for worlds based off of our performance this year in the normal competition season. we...

4478S video


4478S Encore Challenge Video


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569A Encore Challenge


Encore challenge submission from VRC High School 569A.  

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44691X Encore Submission


We are team 44691X from Wooster, Ohio. Attached is our video submission and PDF for the Encore Online Challenge! 

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Team 25400C Encore Online Challenge 2021: VRC...

Dwight 25400C

Hello, we are team 25400C from Seoul, South Korea.  Our team members include Young Ju Choi (captain, qualified to the 2020 VEX Fantasy world championship), Anthony Sungjoon Kwon(qualified), Kevin Jungwoo Han(qualified), and Ian Song (new member). We won the VEX Robotics Korea National Championships in back-to-back years, advancing to the World Championships. Last season, we won the Vex Robotics Skills National Championships with a remarkable 182 points (driver: 112, auto: 70), corresponding to 12th place in the world. In particular, our programming skills score was top 3 in...

96671B VRC High School Encore Entry 2021


We are Team 96671B, Anthropomorphic Canary, from Grand Forks, ND. This is our entry for the Encore online challenge.

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Team 76892A Vex Encore Challenge - High School...


These are the video and PDF Vex Encore Challenge submissions from Team 76892A "The Unstable Unicorns." 

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5864B Encore Online Challenge (VRC High School)


This video uses a story to present our disappointment at not being able to participate in the VRC World Championships in the 2019-2020 season, but we never gave up our daily practice. In the early 2020-2021 (this season), we have won various achievement awards (refer to 5864B_Encore.pdf), we not only focus on the 5864B team, but also hope to drive the whole team to participate in this project, and give full play to the team spirit. We are happy because of sharing. We are not the team with the highest score, but we want to be the team which enjoys learning the most , the...

8823C Pink Fluffy Unicorns Encore Submission


We realize that the world will never be the same since COVID, however we also know that the 2020-21 VEX Worlds Competition would never be the same without the Pink Fluffy Unicorns.  This is 8823C's Encore!

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ATOM Encore Challenge


ATOM 85367Y


Members: Alex, Kaitlyn, and Ashley

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6008C Encore Online Challenge Entry


We are team 6008C C U Later from North Union High School in Ohio. 

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Team 3759x Encore Challenge Entry


Hi, this is team 3759X Virtuoso from Irvine California. We would like to submit our video of the season and all the hard work that we have put into the robot. We have experienced so many challenges this year, and also many successes too. We are a brand new team that was started this year with no sponsors and no resources. However, our two-man team built itself from the ground up and managed to achieve many things during this season. We placed 5th at the google signature event and made it to the semifinals, and also have an official skills score of 243 and an unofficial score of 249. We...

Team Introduction - 10002X


We should be qualified this year!

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10002A Goal Digger


Team 10002A, The Goal Digger, is a 3C team with Challenge,Care and mostly Collaboration.First started last year, with five enthusiastic 9th G students, Vito, Jason , Vick , Jeff, and Morris. Moreover, we are also the first robotic team ever in our school. Meanwhile, we committed to promote STEM and VEX in our community and school. This season, we have  the addition of four new members for 2020-2021 change up, Morris,Roger,and Alex. Also, two of our current teammates have expanded to two other teams which are 10002B and 10002X. Because of our  promotion, VRC has become one...

1274B Encore Challenge Submission


We are 1274B Igneous Robotics and here is our 2021 Encore Challenge Submission. Enjoy!

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2630A Alpha Encore Submission - Dedication to...


Our Team is dedicated to STEM Mentoring. Each team member has over 100 volunteer hours mentoring robotics. For four years, we set up VEX tournaments, served as tournament volunteers, mentored teams, and presented at yearly STEM nights for middle and elementary schools. Our school had no robotics in 8th grade so Andrew, Connor and I started a team. The team grew from 18 to 30 students per year. We were all selected for the Neuqua robotics team 2360A. Ksheetij joined in 9th and Micah in 10th. Our three senior teams 2360 H, N, and Z all qualified for 2020 Fantasy Worlds. Due to the...


Tiger Nation

Hello we are team 75160E.  Thank you for your time and we hope you enjoy our video.

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Tiger Nation

Hello we are team 75160B. We thank you for hosting this competition and we hope you enjoy our video.

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Tiger Nation

Hello,  thanks for watching we really hope you enjoyed our video!

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Tiger Nation

Hello we are 75160C. We work really hard on our robot and if we do get the chance to go to World it will give us confidence. We thank you for taking the time to watch our video and enjoy.

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8892A Encore Entry


8892A,Minimum Wagers

Team Members: Ty, Cameron, Kaden, and Payton


Cameron and Kaden were on the Vex IQ team 88892C which qualified for the 2020 VEX Worlds Fantasy Robotics Tournament.

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There ain't no stopping 3204E now


Video: Vex Encore Challenge 3204E

Team:     3204E Evaristus

Division: Senior VRC

School:   St Peter's College Palmerston North


Charlie Mollard   Yr13   3204E

Isaac Murray      Yr 13 ...

2496V BHS Robopatties - Please turn on captions!


Please turn on captions while watching our video by clicking the "CC" icon on the bottom right of the video. Thank you for watching our video!

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9210B Encore Challenge

9210B Storm Robotics

Hello, we are 9210 B from Sauk Rapids Minnesota. We are happy to share our team's experiences, hard work, and dedication to Vex robotics with this video. We qualified for the Worlds Championship last year at the Minnesota State Championship. This year we have experienced many challenges through these difficult times, so we have been working harder each practice to still have a successful robotics team. We keep striving every day to promote STEM and build a successful robotics team. We are always building successful students one robot at a...

9257C House Cats Encore Challenge Entry


Hello, we are the 9257C House Cats, from Park Hills, Kentucky. Attached here is our files. Thank you for considering us for the 2020-2021 Encore Challenge!


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VEX VRC Encore Challenge


Robotics Team 99060W from Birmingham, Alabama would like to submit our entry for the VEX VRC Encore Challenge. We would like to be able to attend Worlds this year after an unfortunate and abrupt end to last season.

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Viking Robotics Team 27183R RipBotz Encore...


We are team 27183R RipBotz from Ripley High School in Ripley, West Virginia.  

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1747A - Knights Robotics Encore Online Challenge


Team 1747A (Knights Robotics) Encore Online Challenge Submission

  • Attached pdf of team information and team members from last year and this year
  • Introduction of team members in video
  • Detailed video of process to VEX Worlds last year and improvement this year to make it to the same stage
  • Various highlights in the video from this season's robot, along with last year's memories
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Team 3204A Encore


3204A Encore Challenge

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7110X Encore Challenge


7110X Encore Challenge submission PDF

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Vex Encore Challenge


This is our team's Vex Encore Challenge submission.

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7405M Millburn Mercury Encore Online Challenge


We are HS VRC team #7405M, Millburn Mercury, from Millburn NJ. Last year the our team qualified for the 2020 VEX world championships by winning the excellence award and tournament finalists at the NJ states competition. 

Team 7405M consists of 8 team members from Millburn High School. We are happy to inform you that a total of 5, current (2020-21 season), team members qualified for the VRC 2020 World Championships from three different teams (#7405M, #7405P, #4610H) last year. This year, we have all enjoyed combining our diverse knolwedge and...

2612A Chaos Theory


This is our submission for the encore challenge. We hope you enjoy it!

Visit us at

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Team 8000A


This is the Encore Online Challenge for team 8000A.

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Team 96671X Encore Challenge 2021


Our 2019/2020 VEX Robotics season started great, but didn't quite end the way we'd hoped. This is team 96671X's entry for the Encore Challenge about what we learned from last year, how we persevered this year, and why we're determined to return to the scene better than ever.

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Grant Cox Fanclub ENCORE SONG!

Grant Cox Fanclub 98807A

This season, our robotics club got off to a slow start. Quarantine made it impossible for us to meet in person or get parts from school. Still, we continued meeting, and even recruited two new freshmen members! Recently, we were able to start working on our robot and our team will be competing in tournaments soon. 

Before, when we weren't able to get a kit or parts from school, we were able to spend time on our Promote Award Video (second place winner), and our Encore Video! 

Despite many extenuating circumstances that came up this season, our team would...

5327U: Our Story


Despite having a majority of members who are new to VEX Robotics, 5327U has beaten the odds and found success throughout this season. This is the story of our passion, determination, and love for robotics.

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50252A - Synonyms of Awesome - Encore Challenge...


We are 50252A Synonyms of Awesome from Richmond, VA.  After having a highly successful 2019-2020 season in VIQC, winnning our State Tournament Championship, and ending up 3rd on the Worlds Skills Ranking, we were disappointed to not be able to attend Worlds.  Moving into VRC, we have continued to work hard through this pandemic and be flexible and adapt to all of the changes.  We had a lot to learn and feel we have done a great job in getting "up to speed" in VRC.  We continue to be engaged through participation in in-person, LRT, and...

2616J - The Jersey Devils

2616J The Jersey Devils

We are 2616J, The Jersey Devils, and here is our 2021 Encore Challenge Submission. Enjoy!

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