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Egg Bot Team 82874S

Entry ID #: 9720
Created: Mon, Apr 26, 2021 1:21 PM

This is an egg bot made of egg cartons. My design has a durable look and the purpose for my recycle bot is to hold eggs that are needed for cooking around the kitchen it slides very easily on counter tops. All my materials I used are from my recycling bin except the glue and tape. My bot will make cooking much easier with an easy open design and the multi storage levels. I first glued the top storage level on to the main base, then I turned the bot on its side and glued the egg carton holders on acting like wheels. Lastly, I used a pastel crayon from the recycling and put a design on it to make it more egg-tastic. Another detail I added was string from the recycling for extra support and a sleek design.  


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