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Waker Upper 5000

Marc Alderman
Entry ID #: 9748
Created: Fri, May 14, 2021 8:37 AM

74485F Team Name: Jimmy Lucas, Brady, and Eli Problem: People never wake on time. It's not nice waking up late and missing school work and getting behind. And getting missing assignments. And if I miss the bus my parents are mad because they have to drive me to school. Purpose: Wake People Up If They’re Sleeping. There is a screen that plays a youtube video that you think is funny so it puts you in a good mood for when you wake up. It gives you 1 dollar every time you wake ontime. When you buy the robot you can set up a bank account that's locked and gives you a dollar if you wake up on time. If you dont wake up, the robot will shake you with it’s arms. You can plug in anything into the side of the buket and that thing will be powered forever. Challenges: It was hard to glue some things together. Like the cardboard tubes on the bottom because I had to glue a cylindrical tube on the rim of the top of a bucket rim is hard because. The rim is not that wide so there is not much room to put glue the tubes on. So to fix it I put a flat piece of cardboard on the rim so it was easier to glue the tubes on to the bucket. Design process: I had an idea in mind but I went out to our cardboard trailer and found cardboard and let that flow and helped me design my robot. I originally wanted to put wheels on a cardboard box but that's not structurally sound so I got an old card bucket from one of the janitors. Design process: we started with a bucket, melted some of the plastic and pulled the metal handle so it wasn't in the way. Then we glued the tubes on the top (the tubes are so the sound in the bucket ecos out and gets louder therefore waking up the person)

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