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Recycle-Bot sponsored by REC Foundation


Our Judges have begun to review all entries.  We plan to have finalists posted by Tuesday June 22nd and Winners announced by Tuesday June 29th.  Good luck teams.


Recycle-Bot sponsored by the REC Foundation

As we look around at the environment in our classrooms and homes, we see materials and supplies that can be recycled and repurposed into other useful things.  Using your creative, design, construction, and artistic abilities we want you to create a Recyle-Bot using items like paper rolls, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, cardboard boxes, empty cans, scrap wire, paint, markers, holiday wrapping paper, fabric, old clothing, etc.

In addition we want you to share the construction process, design challenges, and purpose of your Recycle-Bot in a written presentation supported by up to three(3) photos. The required written presentation must be a student(s) work describing the process of design and the fabrication all focused upon the “Purpose and recycled materials” of this robot.

We look forward to seeing your creativity shine in this challenge.

Clarification posted 2/22/21 - These robots are intended to be static with no electrical components used.  Powered robots are not allowed for this competition



Beach Bot


You are at the beach looking for shells, but all you see is trash. As a good citizen, you pick up the trash but wish there was an easier way to do it.  Well now you have the Beach Bot, the robot that helps you pick up trash while walking on the beach, made from 100% recycled materials.


Penelope K & Sophia S

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Waker Upper 5000

Marc Alderman

Team Name: Jimmy
Lucas, Brady, and Eli

Problem: People never wake on time. It's not nice waking up late and missing school work and getting behind. And getting missing assignments. And if I miss the bus my parents are mad because they have to drive me to school.

Purpose: Wake People Up If They’re Sleeping. There is a screen that plays a youtube video that you think is funny so it puts you in a good mood for when you wake up. It gives you 1 dollar every time you wake ontime. When you buy the robot you can set up a bank account

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Sandro Recycle-Bot


I built a Recycle-Bot and for the body of my bot I used cut out pieces of cardboard and coffee cups. The Recycle-Bot also has wheels and for the wheels I used coffee cup lips. I made sure that my Bot had arms to grab objects like a real VEX Robotics Bot so therefore I had cut out pieces of plastic plates so I could use them for the arms of my bot. Last and foremost my Bot is holding onto a water bottle and it’s representing in my perspective that instead of throwing the water bottle away my Recycle-Bot will put it in the recycling bin.

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Help-Bot Recycle Robot



Our main goal of this robot is to make it serve food and store small items like collections. Our robot moves by plastic toy skateboards. Our theme is star wars so we used a Star Wars wrapping paper which has the main colors of our robot.


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Covidabot Recycle-Bot


Our robot was designed using recycled parts to be a prototype of a child friendly robot that could detect covid symptoms upon school entry.  This would ensure the safety of all students and staff, and eliminate quarantining due to close contact, ensuring our schools would be able to return to normal functions.  

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The Mower Bot 3000

Marc Alderman

REC Online Challenge Submission by VRC team #74485E, The Dinner Club, from Benzie Central Middle School.

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The Germ Free Robo-Hand


By Cara Ignacio-Suarez, 5th Grade Student

Sheridan Hills Elementary School

My Robo-Hand was made to pick up trash. It was made using cardboard, straws, and yarn. The Robo-Hand functions by pulling the strings, it's as easy as that, when the strings are pulled the fingers begin to close in. The Robo-Hand can do anything from picking up seeds, picking up dirt, picking up trash and picking up mostly anything you could imagine. Its purpose is to pick up trash because our environment needs help and it can be helped by us people living on this earth, by picking up the...

Multi-Terrain Tank (MTT)


Hello It is me, Dustin and I would like to present to you my recycle bot. My recycle bot is called the Multi-Terrain tank. It is made completely out of water bottles, fabric, cardboard, water bottles and paper. It is a tank that can go on water, land and pretty much anywhere you can think of. It’s main purpose is to entertain people. If you think about it, you can push snacks through the water. It is meant to be in the pool as a toy. As long as you have a thin longish projectile, then you can use it. I have gotten angry at one point and destroyed it until I realized it was...

Draw Bot


Have you ever been in a situation where you really want to draw, but don’t have the items and/or space? If that answer is yes, then I have the thing for you. A drawing storage which is portable and accessible. 


I call this my very own Cereal Box draw-bot. It’s made of, as you can guess, cereal boxes. I have cut two slits, one on the left and one on the right, in a large cereal box and taken a piece of a smaller cereal box to stick in through the slits. That was meant to be a shelf for paper. (Copy, drawing, marker, etc.)...




Mindy bot- holds your trash bags for later!

Team name: Cosmic Comets-Valeria Garcia 

Materials used: I amazon box, blue and white wrapping paper, fuzzy wire, clear tape, scissors, 2 thumb tacks, 2 coke bottle caps, hot glue gun, hot melt adhesive (hot glue), 4 empty toilet paper rolls, all white sheet of paper, googly eyes, a piece of cardboard, old pair of false eyelashes, a ruler, number 2 pencil , and plastic bags. 


   I hated having plastic bags laying...


Lift Recycle Bot


The lift bot is a robot that is capable of lifting things from recycled material. The prototype doesn’t have the ability to lift heavy objects. A more complex prototype could lift heavier objects. It could even be controlled remotely by moving the robot in all directions by putting a motor on each wheel and another to lift the platform.

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Prosthetic Recycle Bot


The Prosthetic Recycle Bot is a hand that can be attached to your arm. This prosthetic hand has a lot to offer with many possible uses from making your reach longer to manipulation of dangerous or poisoned stuff that you would rather not touch with your hand. This hand can be very useful in many scenarios that are limited only by our imagination.

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Follow Me Robot

10142 Green Tigers

Team 10142Z designs a robot helper that follow you around.

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Sir Lake Cleansalot


We are going to build a robot that cleans out lakes and make sure the lake enviroment is clean. And we live in lake county and people like to fish and we built a robot that get's all the trash out because the fisherman throw stuff in the lake.

The first step to make the robot was to plan the design. The second step is we thought about what is was going to do. The third step is we figured we would do a trash cleaning robot so we built the base or the bot that floats in the water. The forth step is we built the arms the part that picks the trash up and comes back up....


Recycle Robot Challenge


The challenge for this project was to create a robot using only recycled materials. As we look around in our classrooms and home, we see materials and supplies that can be recycled. We had to use our creative, design, construction and artistic abilities to create a Recycle-Bot. In other words, we decided to learn about recycling, collection of recycled materials and the importance of recycling. The robot we built out of recycled materials has a purpose. The robot's purpose is to show the community how coming together as a team and recycling can be a useful way to...


Trash Commander Robot


          Trash Commander People can not always be around to pick up after people who do not care about our environment. Everyone is out and about and paying no attention to their environment. A solution to combat that problem would be to have a robot who could go around picking up trash. This robot is not like any other robot, but it would pick up trash in places where humans may not be able to reach or see. This robot would even be able to communicate with the animals to make sure they are living in a clean environment. Let us introduce you to, Trash...


Disinfector Drone

10142 Green Tigers

Team 10142Y's recycle bot is a drone that disinfects surfaces!

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Team 99808A Presents: The Amazing Hydro-Bot


Team 99808A Presents: The Amazing Plant-Watering Hydro-bot!

By Jesse and Jeanelle Reyna


We love to plant and tend to our garden, but we realized that sometimes it is hard to tend to the plants when we leave the house.   For example, if we were to leave the house for a week-long vacation, we need to make sure that our plants get the right amount of water and nutrition! 

Challenge Accepted!

We want to design a robot that can easily water our plants...


Recycle-Bot 2021 Entry


This was submitted by 4073G, by Kaida Sayachack Yuom and Binh Nguyen. Say hello to Fishbot: The Underwater Fisherman! 

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97101G Recycle-Bot Submission


This is the Recycle-Bot submitted by VRC High School team 97101G. Our robot is a clean-up robot that helps custodians in their job. The robot fulfills all challenge requirements and is composed entirely of recyclable materials.


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Bottle Cap Fish


I was surprised when I found out that my community does not recycle plastic bottle caps because they are made of a different type of plastic than the rest of the plastic bottle. This encouraged me to develop a recycle bot that would not only capture peoples’ attention to educate them about the importance of recycling but also to give people a location to deposit their bottle caps so that they can be transported to a site that is able to recycle them. I believed the best way for my robot to capture peoples’ attention would be for it to be interactive and show the...


Recyclable Candy Dispenser


Recyclable Candy Dispenser written report.

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Smile Bot - ITSMQ (Vortex)


We are the Tecnológico de Monterrey Querétaro campus team. VEXID ITSMQ

We created a robot that helps recycling and at the same time has an interaction with the user, encouraging the participation of recycling in all ages.

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Recycle-Bot: 97101W's Trash Picker


While brainstorming ideas for the Recycle-Bot challenge, we took note of the problems Recycle-Bot is meant to alleviate: the problem of single-use products and litter in our community. On average, households produce around a ton of waste annually. While walking around in our communities, we have also noticed the prevalence of litter on the sidewalks and fields; to reduce the impact of cardboard packaging at home and reduce litter in our streets, we decided to create a trash picker that anyone could create and use. The trash picker would also allow the user to be safe while helping their...

Doodle Monster


Working from home was very hard and last year our team took on the challenge of working virtually with other students to help show them how they can make a robot from home with basic materials.   The assignment was called Monster Match-Up and had three different parts to it.  

First, the creature needed to be created, so with a material delivery arranged with the students everyone started with the same basics, pool noodle parts, toothbrush that had a battery, popcycle sticks, google eyes, construction paper, pipe cleaners, glue, rubber bands and markers....


Ceiling Roomba


Ceiling Roomba

By Team NXS

Perhaps it’s just me, but all too often I find spiders hiding in the corners of the ceiling, cobwebs on the lights, and large amounts of dust on the trim. The simplest solution is to clean it yourself, but as innovators it is our job to design wacky creations to do such mundane tasks for us. Thus, I would like to introduce the Ceiling Roomba. Using the suction cups at the end of each of its six legs, it is capable of traversing any wall, and is perfectly capable of walking completely upside down. Using the built-in vacuum and duster...