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Recycle-Bot sponsored by REC Foundation


Our Judges have begun to review all entries.  We plan to have finalists posted by Tuesday June 22nd and Winners announced by Tuesday June 29th.  Good luck teams.


Recycle-Bot sponsored by the REC Foundation

As we look around at the environment in our classrooms and homes, we see materials and supplies that can be recycled and repurposed into other useful things.  Using your creative, design, construction, and artistic abilities we want you to create a Recyle-Bot using items like paper rolls, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, cardboard boxes, empty cans, scrap wire, paint, markers, holiday wrapping paper, fabric, old clothing, etc.

In addition we want you to share the construction process, design challenges, and purpose of your Recycle-Bot in a written presentation supported by up to three(3) photos. The required written presentation must be a student(s) work describing the process of design and the fabrication all focused upon the “Purpose and recycled materials” of this robot.

We look forward to seeing your creativity shine in this challenge.

Clarification posted 2/22/21 - These robots are intended to be static with no electrical components used.  Powered robots are not allowed for this competition





Our goal was to design a robot that worked like a Roomba except it cleaned beaches. Our Junk-bot would work all by itself with its own charging station and docking spot to like a dumpster to get rid of the trach it collected from the beach. Sensors would allow the robot to work at night when no one would be on the beach and that way the beach would be clean before people came to use it.

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Junk-Bot 2.0


We created our Junk-Bot to help with getting rid of snow from your driveway. The Junk-Bot will help students that have to shovel their driveway when they get home from school. No one wants to shovel snow after a hard day at school. Junk-Bot 2.0 is your answer.

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Phoenix Bot


Our plan is to create a robot that sybolizes how our Robotics Club has "risen" from the "ashes of 2020" and was able to create a project together in 2021.

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Mike The Dumpster Bot


Similar to the at home Robot Vacuums, MTDB's commercial public purpose is to pick up trash and dump them in the dumpster.  With sensors all around the robot to detect different types of trash (food, plastic, paper, glass, liquid, solid, hazardous or green) the bot is able to collect the item with it's arms or vacuum it with it floor tanks.

MTDB was constructed with a Tropicana bottle, bottle tops, foil, toilet paper roll, hanger, paper for eyes and mouth.

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registration Daniel Perera 0372447 P7

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Jaiden Monivis


vex, a battle against many different robots with different accesories and more. these robots have to fight to put balls in there goal. the robots are fight for power and glory! the robots are train everyday and change thier build for thier oppenent 

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recyle bot


This is one of the challenges I could do for my Robotics class. So I want to be able to work on this challenge.

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All information is in the PDF file(Including the presentation)

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This maniac of a robot can do it all and look great doing it!  From educating those passing by to collecting recycling waste, there is no job to big for the Recyclomaniac.  This rare specimen of beauty can also do the dirty job of collecting batteries for proper disposal and recycling.  A stylish and powerful statement that shows that recycling is both necessary and fun.

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Rockets Game Animation


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Recycle bot


The robot's body was made out of a toilet paper roll rapped in tinfoil, the legs where also rapped in tinfoil but made out of popsycle sticks. The arms where made out of the ends of a plastic fork. the hands and feet are both made out of match boxes. the head was made out of a plastic cup. The eyes, nose, and mouth where made out of sewing needles, and the antenas out of tinfoil.

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recycle bot


creating a recycle bot

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I am going to get grade for this 


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Louann Test


Here is my entry 

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The Household Mechomaniacs


Initial Response:

Our goal is to create a robot that increases accessibility to basic house tasks using a robot made out of household materials. 


Written Portion:



        Over the thousands of years mankind has existed, evolution has never fixed an issue that plagues almost every person alive. Back issues have existed for centuries and show no signs of leaving, most commonly people would...