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Le-Joelle Recycle-Bot

Entry ID #: 9727
Created: Fri, Apr 30, 2021 4:21 PM

Purpose First, I will speak about the issue with recycling and how my robot will come in handy by telling you the purpose of my recycle-bot. Even if we recycle the same garbage, it still ends up in oceans or landfills so, how will we solve that problem? Well, according to the article “THE RECYCLING PROBLEM: A FEEL-GOOD STORY THAT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE” it says “Sure, recycling beats throwing something right in the trash, but tons of our recyclables still end up in landfills or oceans (literally tons), making a mess of ecosystems.  A recent study suggests only 9 percent of the world’s plastic is even recycled.” So, that means that even if we recycle the recycled trash still ends up damaging the oceans ecosystems and other ecosystems. In conclusion, many people may recycle but most of those recyclables end up in the ocean or other ecosystems which in turn damages them. So, I invented a recycle bot that helps that situation by vacuuming the recyclable trash from the street and turning them into different objects. So, in the future I hope you choose my idea so we can solve that problem. Material List I used cardboard boxes, brown paper, paper towel and tissue rolls, googly eyes, sink cleaner brushes, etc. I decided to use these materials because it is recyclable so, when I am finished using the Recycle-Bot it can be recycled and be made into something else. Step-by-Step Process First, I used the brown paper to cover the two of the cardboard boxes and the paper and tissue rolls. Then, I started gluing them together. Then after I put on the googly eyes and sink cleaners. Then lastly, I made the vacuum with half of a paper roll and some more paper rolls.  


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