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Multi-Terrain Tank (MTT)

Entry ID #: 9768
Created: Tue, May 25, 2021 12:41 PM

Hello It is me, Dustin and I would like to present to you my recycle bot. My recycle bot is called the Multi-Terrain tank. It is made completely out of water bottles, fabric, cardboard, water bottles and paper. It is a tank that can go on water, land and pretty much anywhere you can think of. It’s main purpose is to entertain people. If you think about it, you can push snacks through the water. It is meant to be in the pool as a toy. As long as you have a thin longish projectile, then you can use it. I have gotten angry at one point and destroyed it until I realized it was missing something. It has water bottles on the bottom for floating, a paper plate to hold the shooting part which is a recyclable mask and a paper towel roll. To make it move it is a crushed water bottle for aiming purposes.To connect certain things together I used paper and glue. I personally think it looks cool and would totally buy it. For this time of year it is perfect because pools will open up and you could start using it. The paper towel roll has a little hole on the side because If you look through the back you could see exactly where you are shooting, it helps with lighting. There is a lot of glue by the way so don’t try hard to smell it. I took a little piece of water bottle label to secure the mask to the water bottle. I used a little bit of green markers to add detail. You have to aim a little up before shooting or else it will hit the water bottle cap. It is perfect for babies because if you tap the shooty part it wobbles which babies will find amusing. If you are tired of saying Multi-Terrain tank, Multi-Terrain tank, Multi-Terrain tank you can just call it the MTT. Do not use pencils as projectiles unless you have a form of protection. I also attached a piece of water bottle label to tell you which side is the front. There is a teensy weensy bit of space on the sides for ammunition. I have no idea what to say in this presentation so all i have to offer you is if you want a new unique type of toy you could play with at the pool you should buy my toy. By the way it is going to be twenty dollars. The mask is black kind of for stealth at night. I darkened up the green on the side for the ammo so you can now smell marshmallow each time you replace it with the specific marker. The pictures may not be as promising as what you expected so don’t get your hopes up. My MTT is not really size efficient just to let you know. The MTT brought to you by Dustin,your welcome also enjoy I hope I win. Photos on the link below.


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