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Entry ID #: 9774
Created: Wed, May 26, 2021 2:21 PM

Mindy bot- holds your trash bags for later! Team name: Cosmic Comets-Valeria Garcia  Materials used: I amazon box, blue and white wrapping paper, fuzzy wire, clear tape, scissors, 2 thumb tacks, 2 coke bottle caps, hot glue gun, hot melt adhesive (hot glue), 4 empty toilet paper rolls, all white sheet of paper, googly eyes, a piece of cardboard, old pair of false eyelashes, a ruler, number 2 pencil , and plastic bags.       I hated having plastic bags laying around, I also didn't feel like going out and buying one. So I made one, and it holds them until they need to be used again.    I started off by looking around the house to see what materials I had. Once I saw what I had around the house I did a rough sketch on tinkercad. After that I actually collected all of my materials fuzzy wire, toilet paper rolls, amazon box, ect. First I took the amazon box and cut off the minor flaps. Next I warped  the box in blue wrapping paper but I excluded wrapping the back of the box. Once I was done with that I wrapped the back of the box with white wrapping paper. Then I took the fuzzy wire in the colors blue and green and made the arms and antennas, but set those off to the side. I folded the plastic bags so that they would be able to fit inside the box better and set those off to the side as well.    Next, I took 2 of the empty toilet paper rolls and measured with a ruler so that they would be right across from each other and with my pencil I marked where they would be going. Once that was done I glued the legs to the bottom of the robot.  Then, I took the arms I made earlier out of fuzzy wire and glued those onto the sides. I took the ruler measured and marked where I wanted the other toilet paper rolls to go, after that I took the two toilet paper rolls and glued them where I had marked. Instead of having them be standing up straight like the legs I laid them flat so it would look more like eyes.    Once that was done I took the two thumb tacks and stuck one through each antennas and pinned one down on each side of the robot. I proceeded to measure and mark down on each one of the major flaps where I wanted to coke bottles to go, after that was ready to go I glued down the caps. Next, I saw that I needed something to hold the two flaps in palace so the plastic bags wouldn't fall out so I took the rubber bands and tied them together and placed them on the coke bottle caps and now you were able to open and close it properly. I saw that it was looking a bit plain so I went up to my room and saw that I had a pair of fake eyelashes I no longer needed so I took those and a blank piece of paper and went back to where I was building.   Once I was there I realized I had googly eyes so I went and got those. After I had all those things ready I cut circles the size of the toilet paper roll and glued it onto the toilet paper roll. Next, I took the googly eyes and put them down on the center of the eye, after I had that down I simply took the false eyelashes and glued them down to the top of the toilet paper roll. Then, since I was pretty much done I took the plastic bags and put them inside the bot and closed down the flaps with the rubber bands from eriler. As I was standing my bot up it fell down and I realized I needed something to help support it while standing up. I went to the garage and saw a small piece of cardboard that was the right size for my bot and took it with me. I glued the piece of cardboard onto the legs and stood it up and it was finally able to stand on its own, meaning my bot was now complete.     In the end does the robot do what its  supposed to do? And the answer is yes it does.  Am I satisfied with it’s performance? Yes. If I were to build it again, what changes would I make and why? If I were to build it again I would paint the coke bottles and instead of blue and white wrapping paper I would wrap it in tin foil because I would like it to have a little more of how do you say “personality” and look more like a robot but either way I ended up liking how it turned out.

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