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Sir Lake Cleansalot

Entry ID #: 9788
Created: Thu, May 27, 2021 7:49 PM

We are going to build a robot that cleans out lakes and make sure the lake enviroment is clean. And we live in lake county and people like to fish and we built a robot that get's all the trash out because the fisherman throw stuff in the lake. The first step to make the robot was to plan the design. The second step is we thought about what is was going to do. The third step is we figured we would do a trash cleaning robot so we built the base or the bot that floats in the water. The forth step is we built the arms the part that picks the trash up and comes back up. The fith step is we built the part that picks the trash up really the trash can it has holes in it so the water can burst out. The sixth step is to build the thing that holds the trash it also has holes so the water in the trash can leak out. When we put it in the lake we let it go out a little then we put the trash can down into the water then we lifted it up the we had trash in it so we put it into the back. The challenges we had building it was when we put the holes in it we did not put enough holes. Then when we did that we saw that the holes werent big enough so we made them bigger. The other challenge was The arm it was not long enough because when we put it down it would hit the base of it so we put a extension on it then it was lond enough.    


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