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Trash Commander Robot

Entry ID #: 9791
Created: Fri, May 28, 2021 2:43 PM

          Trash Commander People can not always be around to pick up after people who do not care about our environment. Everyone is out and about and paying no attention to their environment. A solution to combat that problem would be to have a robot who could go around picking up trash. This robot is not like any other robot, but it would pick up trash in places where humans may not be able to reach or see. This robot would even be able to communicate with the animals to make sure they are living in a clean environment. Let us introduce you to, Trash Commander.         Trash Commander’s purpose is to pick up trash on beaches, parks, and any other places that has to do with the environment. Trash Commander can reach into places that everyday people cannot reach. For example, behind rocks or on animals. Someone may leave a plastic bag on the beach and the wind may blow the bag somewhere else. Trash Commander would be programmed to detect any type of trash and clean it up. He would pick up the trash and throw or recycle it in a bin nearby. Trash that’s located behind buildings, on the side of the road, or in bushes won’t matter to Trash Commander. If there is trash, he will detect it and clean it up.       Trash Commander would also be able to communicate with nature. He would be able to talk to the animals in their language. He would be programmed with all the languages of all the animals in the world. For example, he would be able to speak to the birds and communicate in their language and switch to another animals’ language when needed. If a bird swallowed some trash like a bottle cap, then Trash Commander would be able to help remove the bottle cap by talking to the bird first and letting them know what he is about to do.      If a net or hook were stuck on a sea turtle or in their nesting areas, Bob would be able to take off the net or hook without harming the animal. He would let them know who he is, what his purpose is, and then explain how he can help the animal feel better.       If Trash Commander in unable to assist the animal, he would be programmed to seek additional medical help. An example would be to seek out a veterinarian. That way, the animal can be treated and get healthier.       Trash Commander would be built using everyday materials that you can find around your house. For example, this Trash Commander was built with empty milk carton, bottle tops, cardboard toilet paper holder, plastic bag, and soda cans. This way, we would be helping to reuse some of the trash that is out there in the world.  The center of Trash Commander would have the computer where information can be uploaded to for what trash he can be picking up to the languages of all the animals. Many of him can be created to be placed around the world in different places. He is here to help keep the environment health and clean.

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