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Doodle Monster

Entry ID #: 9853
Created: Tue, Jun 1, 2021 12:08 AM

Working from home was very hard and last year our team took on the challenge of working virtually with other students to help show them how they can make a robot from home with basic materials.   The assignment was called Monster Match-Up and had three different parts to it.   First, the creature needed to be created, so with a material delivery arranged with the students everyone started with the same basics, pool noodle parts, toothbrush that had a battery, popcycle sticks, google eyes, construction paper, pipe cleaners, glue, rubber bands and markers. The students needed to create their creature and write directions on how to make a copy of it without being able to look at the design. The rules for the creation were simple, use nothing extra, the monster must stand on its own and draw on paper.  Next, students were asked to write a story using their creation as one of the characters. This was a fun writing part because we were able to give our monster's special features like they could generate food for us or they can fly us to travel.   The last part was hard because everyone was sent directions on how to build a monster and needed to build a copy of someone else's design.  After we were able to do a google meet and share the original creation and compare that to the one created based on the writing.  The team worked with a first grade classroom to show them how to make a monster/robot draw before covid. It was very hard to not show others how to make it quickly by using the rubber bands to attach the markers.  That was the hardest part in the entire creation when doing it the first time on our own. We did not know how to take photos on google meet when the names are on the screens too.  A toothbrush is a wasted product because it needs to be changed over time and not just when the battery goes dead. The bristle part is what needs to be thrown away. We used toothbrushes from Dollar Tree that cost $1 with a battery. Markers were left at school during the shut down and sent home in the materials packages to recycle what was going to be trashed at school. If you didn't want to use the toothbrush part or to make this a moving robot challenge, then a box would replace the pool noodle and toothbrush part for building the Monster. 


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