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Theme It Up! Sponsored by the REC Foundation


Our Judges have begun to review all entries.  We plan to have finalists posted by Tuesday June 22nd and Winners announced by Tuesday June 29th.  Good luck teams.



Theme It Up! sponsored by the REC Foundation

Every year the new game is unveiled at VEX Worlds using a short video. In this video the basic game rules are explained, and game objects and scoring are defined. For some teams this is the highlight of the entire VEX Worlds experience! There is one thing missing though… a theme.

Your challenge is to give this year's game a theme.  Using the exact same rules and definitions, your team must create a story as to why the robots are competing on the field. This is your team's chance to 

  • give names to the game and field objects
  • give purpose to the scoring of those objects on the field
  • tell a story describing the reasons for victory

The Theme It Up! Online Challenge submission must include a storyboard, visuals, explanation as to why robots must meet objectives, and names of game/field objects. The theme must use all the same rules as in the current Game Manual.

Have fun and we look forward to seeing your creative themes!



Theme It Up!


I will design a layout for the VEX Game Manual with a group of 3 including myself. We will create a story as to why the robots are competing in the competition field. We must include a storyboard, set of visuals, and an explanation as to why the robots meet their objectives, and why they recognize the names of the objects in the field. The theme that we will create should use the same rules that are included in the game manual.

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Theme It Up


Team participants:

- Ronal Rodriguez

- Alexandros Cruz-Serrat 

With a group of two people, including myself, I will design a layout for the VEX Game Manual. We'll make up a story to justify why the robots are playing on the field. We'll need a storyboard, some graphics, and an explanation for why the robots achieve their goals and remember the names of the objects in the field.

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Theme It Up


I have created a whole document of information. With a drawing of the design. You may say what you want but I believe this was a great idea. 

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Parkside Panthers Theme it Up-Logan and Chase


We turned the Rise Up contest into a mining robot challenge.


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         Welcome to a new galaxy of Star Wars!

There is just one difference, You get to help!  Even though the Rebels are gone you can still bring peace to the galaxy by using droids to stack or roll cylinders of dust.  

          May the Knock-Off Force be With You!

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SuperNovas Theme It Up Challenge


Our adapted game theme is based on space and the galaxy. Everyone on our team found space extremely interesting and wanted to incorporate it into our game adaptation. We also chose this theme because our team name is “Supernovas.” A supernova is an explosion that occurs in outer space. 

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Theme It Up! Rise Above Astronomical Asteroids


In the year 2643, planet Earth is faced with a metal shortage due to the growing population of the planet. A few years ago some explorers were exploring the solar system and they found a large amount of metal in asteroids but at the time it wasn’t needed, so they left it alone. Two metal production companies, VEX INC. and Starmetal Corporation are rivals.... Check out our project for how the problem was solved! 

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9635C Theme it Up


Our project is to theme up the field, give each field object a name and a reason for why it’s there. We made it a dystopian future in which there is a rebellion going on on one side there is R.E.D. and on the other side there is B.L.U. They are fighting against each other to see if B.L.U. will be freed from R.E.D. or if they will continue to be stuck under their command.

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Life Above

10142 Green Tigers

Team 10142X envisions a resource management theme for the Vex IQ Challenge game Rise Above.

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Shelf of Fame

10142 Green Tigers

Team 10142Z's theme for Rise Above is collecting basketballs from different teams.

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Vex Jets Theme it up


Vex Jets 4073A with the aid of Austin Evans and Andy Ramirez in the theme it up challenge.
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The Invasion


Gummy Bears have attacked peaceful Hexagonians and displace their city structures.  They must fight back by arranging their city into color-coded rows of towers.

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CAGED by VEX IQ Team 1012B


The witch (robot) puts the dragons (risers) in the cages (goal zones) by using magic.

You want to get dragons into the cages as otherwise the dragons will burn down the villages with raging fires, flood the villages with torrents of water and/or cause windstorms like tornados and hurricanes.

The best strategy is to get the same colour dragons into the same row cages. There are orange, purple and blue risers. The blue risers are water dragons, they shoot water. The orange dragons...

Pizza Bakers

10142 Green Tigers

Team 10142Y themed Rise Above with a pizzaria themed game.

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Le Wall-E's

Le Wall-E's

In a clouded and grey world where supposed heroes and villains play an intense game of chess that will determine the fate of humanity, there are no clear answers. The fate of humanity lies within the hands of two alliances with all the power. No one knows what will happen, but they will do their damned best to sway the winds in their favor. So, what will you do? Join an alliance and fight, or sit idly as the fate of humanity is determined by others? The choice is yours.

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97101G - expansionism


A chain of nine uninhabited islands is discovered by two rival countries. They were unable to split the islands peacefully, so they decided to hold a competition. The prize? Ownership of all nine islands.

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Collect Apple!


We have turned the game into reality From mission to the reality The real playing field consists of a square of 12 feet by 12 feet to be this place where the robot does its work or the permitted area and there are two teams and therefore there are two alliances one of them is red and the second is blue in order to distinguish the robots from each other The game period has a hue in which the game is executed and this time is divided into two periods only, The aim of the game is to perform Each team plays to score goals and has a high alliance score.

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Mission Rise Above


The universe is out of control! Only YOU can help! Nothing is as it should be. In three separate galaxies, all in the Rise Above Galaxy Cluster, the planets have shifted out of their solar systems! The only way to get things back to how they should be is with your help!

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Conjure Up!


It’s time to Conjure Up some points in our Quidditch-themed version of the VEX VRC game, Change Up!  We are team 2657A, the Sandpiper Hexperts, a new, diverse VRC team.  For the Theme It Up online challenge, we decided to incorporate our team’s spirit and interests into the Change Up game, so we drew inspiration from the Harry Potter book series.   Seeing parallels between the objectives of different players and how points are scored in Quidditch and Change up led us to our final project: “Conjure Up!” We hope you enjoy our...

Rise Above the Evil Risers


I wrote a story about super robots saving their hideout from the evil riser who was laying bombs.

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Theme it Up – CLEAN UP!


Theme it Up – CLEAN UP online Challenge

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Battery apocalypse


Battery Apocolypse is a themed version of the Vex game Change-Up. In which two colonies of people are struggling to survive after a nuclear fallout. Where the only remaining option is to compete with the other colony for precious remaining energy.

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The Void Treaty War - Theme It Up - Pixibots


We are the Pixibots and for this Theme It Up Challenge, we came up with the idea of a destructive war between two powerful kingdoms - and how it began. Over countless weeks of teamwork and creativity, the Void Treaty War was created. We hope this creates a new perspective about the VEX Change Up Game - and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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Spashta Caldozè


Our Theme It Up! Challenge entry is around a basic idea: dragons aren’t as different from humans than you imagine. Watch how dragons navigate just life in general, from simple motor actions such as sitting in human chairs and finding comfortable sleeping positions. Help them position their limbs in these vital positions just enough to guarantee happy vibes from these dragons. Remember, happy dragons means generous dragons and generous dragons means a whole lot of gold (points). 

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Theme it up! - 10012Z


Welcome to the coolest and creative part of 2021 Vex Robotics! The unveiling of this year's game and theme! During this year’s competition, it is September 1750, in the capital of New France. The arsonists are trying to burn down houses in the capital. Thankfully the effects of the arsonist aren’t permanent until the end of the game! This means the firefighters of the capital are able to put out the blazes before the fires are permanent. Either race around the city as a firefighter, putting out blazes, or be an arsonist, lighting blazes across the city. What will...

Team 95070B's Theme It Up Submission


Our submission for the Theme It Up! Challenge is Rover Rescue. It is about a Mars Rover that breaks down. NASA decides to bring it, but the rocket fuel spills onto Mars. Local Martian creatures also want the rover, so the two will battle for it!

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