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The story of the little people

Entry ID #: 9859
Created: Tue, Jun 1, 2021 1:16 AM

  The little people live in trees, but their village is threatened by climate change, as it causes wildfires to start in the village. The council of the little people meets to try to figure out what to do, the first councilman asks if they should evacuate the population, but another councilman answers that they have nowhere to go, outside of the village. So the decision is taken, they have to protect the trees. But how? That’s when the old man of the village steps in and says “Then we have no choice, we must use the key passed down from our ancestors, the Vex little people, to open the secret door of the mountain.” They open the door and discover… A robot! The little people are hopeful again, they are ready to give their all in this fight against the fire. Using the robot, they take out the fire and add water on the trees to save them.  

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The little people are in danger, climate change starts fire in their village. How will they stop the fires and save the village?