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Theme It Up: The Battle at Proxima

Entry ID #: 9862
Created: Tue, Jun 1, 2021 1:32 AM

The story of the future, climate change, and the path humans must take to save humanity. The story of conflict and greed. The story of The Battle at Proxima.  Created by Charmaine, Ashita, and Nyla from team 97101W. 

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This story describes the struggle of humanity as they race to find a new planet to survive. Greed and conflict inevitably lead to trouble as a legion that split into two colonies breaks out into battle; each colony tries to fill their own nodes in satellite towers before the other does. The stakes are high as the first colony to succeed and send a signal to other legions will assert their triumph in being the first to find humanity's new home and claim their dominant position in the new order.