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Theme It Up! Sponsored by the REC Foundation

Theme It Up! sponsored by the REC Foundation

Every year the new game is unveiled at VEX Worlds using a short video. In this video the basic game rules are explained, and game objects and scoring are defined. For some teams this is the highlight of the entire VEX Worlds experience! There is one thing missing though… a theme.

Your challenge is to give this year's game a theme.  Using the exact same rules and definitions, your team must create a story as to why the robots are competing on the field. This is your team's chance to 

  • give names to the game and field objects
  • give purpose to the scoring of those objects on the field
  • tell a story describing the reasons for victory

The Theme It Up! Online Challenge submission must include a storyboard, visuals, explanation as to why robots must meet objectives, and names of game/field objects. The theme must use all the same rules as in the current Game Manual.

Have fun and we look forward to seeing your creative themes!



Theme It Up!


I will design a layout for the VEX Game Manual with a group of 3 including myself. We will create a story as to why the robots are competing in the competition field. We must include a storyboard, set of visuals, and an explanation as to why the robots meet their objectives, and why they recognize the names of the objects in the field. The theme that we will create should use the same rules that are included in the game manual.

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Theme It Up


Team participants:

- Ronal Rodriguez

- Alexandros Cruz-Serrat 

With a group of two people, including myself, I will design a layout for the VEX Game Manual. We'll make up a story to justify why the robots are playing on the field. We'll need a storyboard, some graphics, and an explanation for why the robots achieve their goals and remember the names of the objects in the field.

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Theme It Up


I have created a whole document of information. With a drawing of the design. You may say what you want but I believe this was a great idea. 

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