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Entry ID #: 9677
Created: Tue, Mar 23, 2021 7:32 PM

Introducing VEX IQ Challenge, Stack It Up! Rules: Starting Size Limit: 11" wide x 19" long x 20" high                  *Robots can expand after the game begins Scoring: Each Cube under platform: 1 point Each Cube scored on top of platform: 1 point Squared Stack: The points earned from platform will be squared Cubes: - Highrise Cubes - 4" in width and height - 27 cubes on the field          - 9 blue          - 9 green          - 9 red Good Luck, and Have a Great Season! Credit: Animation: Sean Chan-Sato Editing: Sean Chan-Sato Voiceover: Sean Chan-Sato   This video took over 100 hours to make so we hope you enjoy! Please set quality to HD before watching


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Introducing VEX IQ Challenge, Stack It Up!