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12223B | OUK Robotics: Sky High

Entry ID #: 9816
Created: Mon, May 31, 2021 6:48 AM

Thank you for this wonderful Online Challenge! Our game is called Sky High which we built in Minecraft as a way of bringing our idea to life. Subtitles are available. "OUK" stands for "Operation Ultra Kirby". ℵ₀ is the first set of infinities, it marks the end of the countable infinity. This means 21 years into the uncountable infinity our game will be played. Technically in the video we should be saying Aleph-Null 21, but mistakes are mistakes.   Transcript: Welcome to the World’s greatest two minutes in robotics. The ℵ₀+21-ℵ₀+22 (Aleph 21, Aleph 22) game, OUK Robotics Competition: Sky High. Sky High is played on a 12 foot by 12 foot field by two alliances; one red and one blue. Made up of two teams each. The object of the game is to get more points than the other alliance. By scoring balls in pouches and flipping flags. The OUK Sky High field contains 48 balls, with 4 red and 4 blue balls. And 40 yellow balls. Each robot starts the match with up to 4 yellow balls as a Preload. In addition there are 8 flags and 6 pouches located around the field where balls can be scored. Balls are 3 inches in diameter, and are worth 1 point when scored in the lower pouch with the corresponding alliance colour. 2 points for the upper pouch, and 6 for the corner pouch. The Lower pouch is 15 inches from the ground, and the Upper and corner pouches are 50 inches from the ground. The Lower and upper pouch are 24 inches long, whereas the corner pouch is 7 inches in diameter. An alliance can double the points in a pouch by placing a ball of their corresponding alliance colour in that pouch. Which can be found on the opposite end of the field. Alliances are also able to flip the flags which are located around the field and are worth 3 points each for the alliance with their colour closest to the pointer. Each match begins with a 15 second autonomous period, where robots score on their third of the field without help from their drivers. The alliance which scores more points in the autonomous period is awarded with an 8 point bonus added to the final score at the end of the match. Once again, each alliance also had the opportunity to earn an additional win point in the autonomous period by placing at least one ball in their corresponding upper and lower pouch. The 1 minute 45 second driver control period begins once the autonomous bonus winner has been determined. At the end of the driver control period, after all objects and robots have come to rest, the match will be scored to determine the winning alliance. Remember: OUK games are not scored until the driver control period has ended. Official rules and game information for OUK Robotics Competition: Sky High can be found somewhere. Best of luck and have a great ℵ₀+21-ℵ₀+22 (Aleph 21, Aleph 22) season.  


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This video is for the Game Animation sponsored by the RECF Foundation. Our game is called Sky High which we built in Minecraft as a way of bringing our idea to life.