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Repurpose sponsored by the REC Foundation


Our Judges have begun to review all entries.  We plan to have finalists posted by Tuesday June 22nd and Winners announced by Tuesday June 29th.  Good luck teams.



Repurpose sponsored by the REC Foundation

With over 13 years of VEX events and competitions, we know there are a great deal of old game elements out there.  We challenge you to look in storage rooms, closets, and boxes to find previously used game elements from VEX IQ, VEX VRC, and VEX U games.  Find a way to give these game elements a new purpose.  Consider how you can make something to assist a teacher or student in the classroom, or perhaps something for around the house.  The sky is the limit with your creativity.



Lamp build


I built a lamp using mostly parts from tower takeover

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The Tower Take Over Block Clock


its a tower take over block clock tells the time so that you can know when to start getting to work

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Mini Computer


a raspberry pie with a screen in some squared away parts 

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Our STEM Repurpose challenge!


For our STEM Repurpose Challenge, we made a sphere-shaped container using VEX game elements! It is designed to hold basic small items.

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Bumblebee Lamp


We created a lamp for the Repurpose project. At first we had two ides but it ended up not working. We had a bad base and it did not stay up straight, so we ended up completly restarting the base and it ended up working very well. We orginally had the idea to screw a hole through the back to make the lightbulb stay straight up. We decided to just tape it instead to take less time and to make it more sturdy. This is the video.

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Vanquisher is a game created by yours truly. The rules are basic. You must stay 3 feet away from the goal at all times. You must hold the stick with only one hand. If you make it in the hole, it's 6 points but if you make it on the side, it's only one point. every 6 points is a win. 6 wins mean you're the Vanquisher. Thank you for your time and consideration. By: Annika Weis

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Tower Takeover for the birds

Marc Alderman

I went with a bird theme inspired by my chickens and

seeing a bird feeder outside my school all

parts are from tower takeover. I used a orange cube

for a feeder the top has a cut out for

refilling the food, I used orange because its easier

for birds to see and I used a tower to make a

bird bath or if you take off the poll it is a chicken

waterer. One of the corner score pieces were

used to make a perch and two blocks one purple and

one green to keep it up, putting the cube

and corner piece...

Dumbbell Project




Youtube Video

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Rise Above uses


Due to COVID and remote home learning the only qualifying game elements available to our team were the cylinders
from this year’s VEX IQ Challenge “Rise Above”. Only one team member at a time had physical access to those
VEX game elements.
Our Robotic Class was no longer in session as we worked. The only available communication with our instructor
was by text. Team members had school issued iPads and a mix of personal devices and services. We used Discord
text chat.
The game elements from the “Rise Above” challenge...




Hanging planter made out of vex bowl and chains

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Our team of three girls built a repurposed shelf using old VEX cubes from the game Skyrise. We added cardboard to create a flat surface for objects to sit on. It allows you to set books, pencils, pens, knick-knacks, etc. on the shelf. We used x-acto knives to carve out the perfect shape of cardboard for the objects to sit on without slipping or falling. This shelf can be either hung on a wall or sat on a platform for your convenience. Our team is really good on teamwork. We have been a team for two years so we know the best solutions to our problems. We all usually map out our given jobs...

9635B Repurpose


Welcome to Tower Defense, an interesting, simple, yet complicated game. In Tower Defense, you use VEX robotics parts from past years (as shown in our video) to try to stack towers. Whoever stacks the tower the highest, fastest, or in a variety of different ways wins! There are two different modes: solo, or against an opponent. Sometimes you have a blueprint on what type of tower to build. Other times you compete with other people to see who can build the highest tower. Tower Defense would be most fun for kids from 3rd-8th grade. It teaches kids physics and how to balance things. It would...

Carnival Games

10142 Green Tigers

Team 10142Z repurposes old VEX IQ game elements into fun carnival games!

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VRC Repurpose Drone Challenge


In this submission the team developed a new game format for drone competitions using past seasons VRC game objects.  

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Plastic Bag Holder

10142 Green Tigers

Team 10142A tries to solve two problems: what to do with plastic bags you want to save and what to do with unused vex elements.

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Plant nets


There are the old poles from turning point used to keep birds out of the plants
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Vex Parts Organizer - 2211A Repurpose Challenge...

2211A KHU Inventors

We decided to create a vex parts organizer using old game elements. 

Video link: 2211A Repurpose Online Challenge Video - YouTube






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The Recharger shelf

Gary 71201d Rizzo robotics

My project

Reuse of old VEX robotics competition parts.


By: Gary Lindberg

    I decided to do the reuse project because I saw a lot of potential in all of the pieces that were just sitting there. I made a charger shelf. My original idea was to make a shelf that was bigger for the storage of the VEX battery chargers. I then though to myself, why make it so big and unusable? I decided to minimize it, and it came out as a vertical shelf that could store almost any electronic device that needed charging. It can fit phones,...

How to Recycle Your Old Vex Game Elements



Team - 3204E



Charlie M

Caelan H

Paige C (camera person)


Drum Sticks

Made from change up goal poles and field tape


Drinking cups

Made from half a change up...

The Hanging Cube Plant


I had an idea of making a way to show to relationship between plants and technology. I believe my project sums up how while growing in technology we need to also to care for and help the environment. I had a difficult time thinking of what I would build. I even had times where I would want to quit and give up, but I endured and made the hanging cube plant.

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Ringmaster Supply Holder


We are team 2657A, the Sandpiper Hexperts, a new, diverse VRC team. Our repurposed product is called the Ringmaster Supply Holder, which we created using game elements from the VEX IQ game, Ringmaster. 


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Repurpose - Mask Hanger


In this Repurpose Online Challenge, I used old game elements to make a mask hook.

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4606M Repurpose


This shelving unit could belong in a home or school environment.

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7700P Hockey Game


Here is a repurpose of game elements from Turning Point and Rings and Things.

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7700G Community Library


Repurpose of VEX Game Elements to create a community share library

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Repurposed ft. Tower Takeover Blocks


As students, teachers, and workers across the world continue to work virtually, we recognize that creating a comfortable, ergonomic working space is crucial to productivity. One ergonomic problem is people's desks being too tall for them and their feet not being able to reach the floor, making them uncomfortable when they work for long periods of time. To solve this problem, we used Tower Takeover's blocks to create a footrest for people to use. 

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569D Repurpose- Ghimbus the Organizer


We used caps, flags, and pipes from the game Turning Point to create this desk organizer. It can hold pens, pencils, paperclips, and whatever office supplies you need alongside a paper/binder organizer. Underneath is a storage shelf. 

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7700H Repurpose the VEX Game Ice Cream Stand


Our entry in the REC Repurpose Challenge - Reuse-Recycle-Reduce

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Modular Lamp


Modular Lamp

By Team NXS

Introducing the Modular Vex Lamp. Using the cubes and pegs from Skyrise, we created a lamp that's height can be easily adjusted by adding or removing Skyrise pegs. Watch the short advertisement for it at this link and read up on how we built it in the attached PDF.

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23272B Repurpose Challenge


This is my online challenge entry for the Repurpose challenge. I made end tables using old parts from both VRC and IQ games.

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23272B Repurpose Challenge


This is my online challenge entry for the Repurpose challenge. I made end tables using old parts from both VRC and IQ games.

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76414C Repurpose Online Challenge


This is out online Challent entry for the Repurpose challenge. We used pieces from previous IQ games to make it. 

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In the Zone Lamp


I made a lamp using game elements from In the Zone. It has three lights at the top that all go in different directions. It has a remote that can turn it on and off.

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