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Entry ID #: 9739
Created: Fri, May 7, 2021 9:19 AM

Due to COVID and remote home learning the only qualifying game elements available to our team were the cylinders
from this year’s VEX IQ Challenge “Rise Above”. Only one team member at a time had physical access to those
VEX game elements.
Our Robotic Class was no longer in session as we worked. The only available communication with our instructor
was by text. Team members had school issued iPads and a mix of personal devices and services. We used Discord
text chat.
The game elements from the “Rise Above” challenge consisted of just two different VEX pieces. Rules state that
entries must be constructed primarily from VEX game elements. For us adding any other material(s) would be an
issue by any definition of “primarily”. We decided to make our product solely out of the two eligible pieces we had.
Our product is a reconfigurable “Storage Kit” consisting of repurposed orange octagonal pieces and black
connecting rods. These two pieces are from this year’s “Rise Above” challenge. These are the only two eligible
pieces we had available.
Reviewing the rules provided, we believe that our “Storage Kit” consisting of VEX Game Element pieces satisfies
the contest rules. Our kit can be configured in three basic designs: vertical stand, horizontal shelf, and open rack.
We have shown the actual multipurpose usefulness of our kit in the home and classroom in our video.
We initially listed ideas on how we could reconfigure and repurpose the available quantities of our two pieces.
Book Rack Paint Brush Rack
COVID Mask Holder Pet Bowl Stand
DVD Holder Plant Stand
External Hard Drive Stand Test Tube Stand
Kitchen Utensil Holders Thread Spool Holder
Light Bulb Holder Toilet Paper Holder
Mail Sorter Video Game Organizer
Multipurpose Shelf Wire Spool Holder

As we built our ideas the better idea of our product being a multipurpose kit rather than a single item came about.
We realized a “Storage Kit” was much more useful than any single product. A visual text free instruction manual
similar to Legos would be provided with our product. See below.

We used pictures, not sketches, in discussing our designs. Building our ideas: the DVD holder was excellent, the
test tube rack practical, the pet bowl stand failed, the mail sorter failed, and the toilet paper holder was fun. Many
of the most unique and practical ideas made it into our submission video. We scripted our video similar to a late
night product commercial, like Flex Seal, were one product has many very practical uses.
Handling large media files was an issue. The software used in video production was: Airdrop for transferring files
between Apple devices, Videoleap for all video editing on an iPhone 6, and the YouTube app for uploading the finial
video. Videoleap allowed us to edit video by segments, add audio layers, and add text credits.
Because we were not physically together and had severely limited resources, we made do in a difficult situation
and completed our entry.
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