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The Recharger shelf

Gary 71201d Rizzo robotics
Entry ID #: 9802
Created: Sun, May 30, 2021 7:55 PM

My project

Reuse of old VEX robotics competition parts.


By: Gary Lindberg

    I decided to do the reuse project because I saw a lot of potential in all of the pieces that were just sitting there. I made a charger shelf. My original idea was to make a shelf that was bigger for the storage of the VEX battery chargers. I then though to myself, why make it so big and unusable? I decided to minimize it, and it came out as a vertical shelf that could store almost any electronic device that needed charging. It can fit phones, smartwatches, the VEX battery charger, and some other things.


    It is simple, yet straightforward. I decided to make this because every time I think of multiple items charging at once, I think of a mess of cords and devices. I made the charger shelf to organize the mess I see in my head and hopefully, in real life. It works as any other shelf would, but as I said, it is smaller. It has a piece with big gaps in the back to allow the cords to go through to the power source.


    The pieces I used were from rise above, squared away, high rise, and bank shot. I used the pieces of the risers, the orange piece from the riser, and the standoffs. I got the white connecter pieces from squared away, the L connecter pieces, and the one-hole pieces. From bank shot, I got the six by twelve. And I got the twelve by twelve from high rise.





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