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Educate Online Sponsored by the REC Foundation


Our Judges have begun to review all entries.  We plan to have finalists posted by Tuesday June 22nd and Winners announced by Tuesday June 29th.  Good luck teams.


Educate Online sponsored by the RECF Foundation

This challenge offers robotics competition teams the opportunity to help other schools and clubs learn from their experience. In this challenge, schools, clubs, and teams will produce a video on a specific subject area that new teams will learn from. We expect that you will have your own idea, but possible areas for the video include understanding how to analyze a game, how to build a specific mechanism such as a drive train, lifting arm, actuator, winch, etc., how to program using sensors, or how to best work as a team at a tournament. Use your imagination - the only restriction is that it must contain something useful for a new team to know about competition robotics

  • VEX IQ teams should focus on how to support new VEX IQ teams
  • VRC teams should focus on how to support new VRC teams
  • VEX U teams should focus on how to support new VEX U teams



3 Most Important Skills in VEX IQ


Here is our submission to the VEX IQ Educate Online Challenge! I learned a lot from VEX IQ and we are happy to share our experiences. I think these skills are helpful for not only VEX IQ but for other projects. We enjoyed the process of robotics and working together as a team. 

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How to Create an Award-Winning Engineering...


From the organization that won the 2019 Elementary Excellence World Championship and 5 of the last 6 Indiana State Excellence Awards, we present to you:  "How to Create an Award-Winning Engineering Notebook."  Jalayne and Gracie, members of 15294A's Documentation sub-team have written the script, filmed, and edited this entry to help new teams construct a great engineering notebook.

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Interview Tips


Students from the Eaglebots Blue team in Nappanee, Indiana share some helpful tips on how to have a memorable interview.  The judges interview is a huge part of the robotics process; this is your chance to prove everything you've done all season.  So, enjoy these tips to improve your interview skills!  From the team that has won 2 Excellence Awards at the Indiana State Championship in the last 3 years, as well as being a part of the 2019 World Championship Excellence team, we share with you crucial tips that have helped us have success!

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The Foundation....


We have made a video geared towards a new team on building a basic base that can be used as a foundation for most VRC robots.  This has video has been uploaded to the Files/Images option of the entry information.  Thanks!


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Educate Online Challenge - RECF - Basic...


This video helps beginners to Vex Code Pro set up and begin programming a robot. It teaches them how to set up motors and enter basic movement coding. It was created by our coder for Team 53073N. It is created so that any person new to robotics can watch it and start their journey into robotics. 



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How to make an Xdrive

10142 Green Tigers

Learn how to build and program an Xdrive! Team 10142X teaches you how to build a competition sized Xdrive and how to program the controller in Vexcode IQ.

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44691R Quality Control: Educate Online Video


Here is 44691R: Quality Control's video for the Educate Online Challenge. We created a presentation that descirbes how a robotics team would go throguh the design process with our team being an example. 

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How to Build a Robotics Team


This submission is accordance with Educate Online sponsored by the RECF Foundation "This challenge offers robotics competition teams the opportunity to help other schools and clubs learn from their experience. In this challenge, schools, clubs, and teams will produce a video on a specific subject area that new teams will learn from."

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How to make a 6-bar lift

10142 Green Tigers

Team 10142Z will show your how to make a 6-bar lift.

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How To Update Software


This video is for How To Update Software, to help amateurs.

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How to Prepare for a VEX Tournament


This is our entry for the Educate Online Challenge. We made a video with tips on how to prepare for a VEX tournament because we believe that VEX tournaments are fun and amazing experiences and being well prepared for these competitions helps ensure that. We compiled a series of steps which we felt would have been useful to know before our first competition, and we hope that they will help teams new to VEX be able to feel confident and ready going to their first VEX tournament. 

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How to make a gear drive

10142 Green Tigers

Team 10142Y will show you how to make a drive with gears.

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How to Build, Program, and Perfect your...


"I sense, therefore I am!". Add sensors to make your robot alive! This video introduces you to different types of sensors that are absolutely essential for autonomous control of your VEX robot in the game field. Learn why sensors make your auton runs more consistent and compare inertial sensors, optical shaftencoders, and rotational sensors to pick what suits your robot and game auton strategy. Learn how to build your sensors into your robot, how to program them for odometry, and about key takeaways from our team's experience with sensors. Brought to you by Team 938A that was...



A video on engineering notebook tips and tricks, for VEX Educate Online

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How to Use the Engineering Design Process!


Hi! We are Jesse and Jeanelle Reyna from NOVA IQ Robotics Team 99808A and we made this video to help other VEX IQ teams learn how to use the Engineering Design Process to build better robots. We walk you through the basic steps of the process we use, teach you how you can use the steps in your season, and give you tips on how to document it in your notebook.  We hope this helps new teams learn how to build a robot that's perfect for their goals and season! 

When we were starting out, this iterative engineering design process helped us achieve robotics goals...

409B Educate


A guide on building sturdy bases quickly with the sandwich method.

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Tips for Working as a Team in VRC - 2211A

2211A KHU Inventors

Learn how to work as a team, how to approach the game, and how to be succesful in VRC competitions. 

Video link: How to Work as a Team in VRC - 2211A - YouTube

Have a great competition season!

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Educate - Good Sportsmanship


Good sportsmanship in VEX competitions by team 90F

A team with sportsmanship is crucial when it comes to robotics. Sportsmanship is especially put into account during VEX robotics competitions. However, some teams do not know when good sportsmanship will come to use and why it is needed, while some do not know how to have sportsmanship with their teammates and other teams. However, this video will teach new teams about sportsmanship, why it is important, and how to use it in robotics. We are team 90F and in our video we give a good explanation on being nice to other teams and...

7700Y Holonomic Drive


Description of how to build, code and drive a holonomic drive.

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How to write an engineering notebook entry


I made a video explaining how to complete an entry in an engineering notebook. 

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Build Habits In VEX Robotics - Seaquam Robotics...


Students from Seaquam Robotics presenting a short and thorough demonstration of the proper and improper building habits commonly encountered in VEX (VRC).

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A Brief Guide to 3D Printing in VEXU


Our Educate Online submission can be found at the following link

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Educate the Basics of Online Coding


This video will teach you the basics of coding and making your robot go forward and backward. We will also teach you how to turn left and right. We have worked with vex for multiple years and it is one of the best of the beginner programming teachers. As the students of Foundation for the Future Charter Academy we strive to produce the best and most desirable quality. This video displays the necessities of programing with Vex VR and Vex v5 block.

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Trial and Error Educational Video


REC Educate Online Challenge Submission. By Ethan, Eliza, Unzal, Patricia, Anmol, and Yahya from FFCA Highschool. This video will explore our methods of trial and error.

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Programming Robots with If-Then-Else


Educational video about operating robots with if-then-else programming structure.

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Educate online New Team Essentials


The Robotics team from Mandarin Lakes K-8 academy explains what are the key skills that new robotic team members should have to be succesfull in the robotics class and in the challenges. 

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Optimizing Drivetrain Maneuverability and...


Our team made an engaging and educational video to help other teams build a stable and successful drivetrain for competitions. We offer 3 essential tips to improve maneuverability and drivetrain. 

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23272B Educate Challenge


This is my entry for the Online Challenge Educate. 

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76414C Educate Online Challenge


Our entry for the Educate Online Challenge. We hope this helps some new teams. 

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What to Have in Your Competition Preparedness Kit...


After seeing an increase of unprepared teams arriving at competitions, the Space Cookies VEX team, 1868N wants you to know what to bring so you'll be more prepared. Includes downloadable and printable checklist. This video contains subtitles to for easier access to those who are hard of hearing.

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2849A Educate Online Challenge


This is our entry for the Vex Online Challenge for Educate. We hope this entry helps some new teams improve their notebooks for next season.

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Educate Online Challenge - 2772J


Youtube Link (in case it did not upload):

Last season was our team's first year competing. We had many ups and downs and we want to share our experiences and things we learned with any new teams! We hope this helps and makes this process less scary and much more seamless! 

In short, here are some things to look out for:

  1. Funding
  2. Tournament Preparation
  3. Where/how to buy parts
  4. Recruitment &...
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