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How to Use the Engineering Design Process!

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Created: Mon, May 31, 2021 1:21 PM

Hi! We are Jesse and Jeanelle Reyna from NOVA IQ Robotics Team 99808A and we made this video to help other VEX IQ teams learn how to use the Engineering Design Process to build better robots. We walk you through the basic steps of the process we use, teach you how you can use the steps in your season, and give you tips on how to document it in your notebook.  We hope this helps new teams learn how to build a robot that's perfect for their goals and season!  When we were starting out, this iterative engineering design process helped us achieve robotics goals beyond our expecations and now we apply it to everything beyond just the build and design- it works for teamwork strategies, driving, and programming too!


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Are you tired of just throwing parts together until they finally move? Do you want to design your own robot from scratch? Want to create a meta design of your own? The Engineering Design Process can help you do that! Watch this video to learn more about it.