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Team 9682C: Piece to the Puzzle

Entry ID #: 10951
Created: Tue, Jan 18, 2022 11:49 PM

In the first days of my robotics experience, I noticed the great number of boys compared to the few girls in our class. I felt intimidated and worried that I would be of no value to my future robotics team. However, as time passes, I have learned many things besides robotics itself. This story holds one of those such lessons, where I explain what girl powered means to me and how being robotics influenced my perception of the term.

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   Emilie on 01/19/2022

If the judges do see these comments, please click on this link to see my document: I hope you can understand that it was technical issues that I could not control that left my entry with no file. Please give me the opportunity to show you my efforts.

   Emilie on 01/19/2022

I tried reloading the website several times, but my document would never upload completely. I hope you can give me a chance and evaluate my document: file:///home/chronos/u-4675cec551661839fc340f7221890d2953085fd1/MyFiles/Downloads/9682C%20Piece%20to%20the%20Puzzle.pdf