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The Next Big Sport

Entry ID #: 10013
Created: Fri, Dec 31, 2021 11:46 PM

With this entry, we wanted to create a video that exposes students of all ages to the excitement of VEX Robotics and the benefits that joining a VEX team provides. With sports being such an integral part of our target audience's (people in the southeastern U.S.) culture, we felt that emphasizing robotics's similarity to football would be an effective way to recruit new students, mentors, and support for VEX Robotics programs.


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Thank you for watching our entry for the 2022 Promote Online Challenge Sponsored by VEX Robotics. This video markets the VEX Robotics Competition as the next big sport, which we strongly believe to be true. By showing how the VEX Robotics Competition is similar to football (an extremely popular sport in our team's home region) and explaining the tangible benefits of joining a robotics team, we believe viewers will quickly grasp why participating in robotics will change one's life for the better. With this video, we believe we will inspire students, mentors, and supporters of all ages and backgrounds to become involved with VEX Robotics Competitions! All music used in the video is from the public domain (YouTube Audio Library). Sources for video footage can be found in the YouTube video's description or with a PDF Document hosted on the following link: COVID-19 Safety Disclaimer: All footage in the video was taken at events where COVID-19 safety protocols were followed based on local/national guidelines or before the start of the pandemic. For example, in the scene of the video where the narrator says, "we pack stadiums too," the footage was gathered before the start of the pandemic.