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Entry ID #: 318
Created: Sat, Feb 5, 2011 1:38 AM

VEX robotics means many things to me. When I first started VEX, I had already competed in First Lego League and Botball, so it wasn’t my first robotics experience, but VEX is the best so far. I thought I had already learned what teamwork and discipline meant, but competing in VEX required the most effort, and the hard work made it worthwhile since our team was able to qualify for Worlds! When I first started VEX, I was in 7th grade. Three of my classmates and I were filling in for an 8th grade team. The robots were already built, and all we had to do was drive. When I first picked up the controller and started driving, I realized how fun VEX was, and that it was something I wanted to do. Being from the small island of Maui, VEX provided us the opportunity to go to the mainland. We qualified the VEX Worlds Tournament in Dallas, Texas. There, we met new people with similar interests, experienced new things, and had lots of fun. We never imagined how big VEX was outside of Maui. This year, after building a new robot for the first time and testing it over and over, I realized how demanding VEX can be. Even after upgrading our robot, there is always something to improve. Working after school every day, on weekends, and even holidays, my team and I have finally come to where we are now. Even though there were times when it was so frustrating, and building and programming seemed impossible, there are moments of joy and celebration that completely compensate for all the setbacks . In November 2010, our team, 803b, participated in the Mililani High School competition and qualified for this year’s 2011 World VEX Championship in Florida. After our team received the Tournament Champion’s award, I realized what VEX means to me. I realized that VEX is not only about teamwork, competing, and meeting new people. It is also about looking back at all the great things you have accomplished with your team throughout the year, and knowing that you can achieve your highest goals with perseverance and your own creativity. This is what VEX means to me.


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