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Entry ID #: 347
Created: Sun, Feb 13, 2011 7:37 PM

This year, one of the extracurricular activities I decided to take up was the robotics team at Downingtown Area School District. What I was expecting and what we actually do in the club is completely different. At the club presentation, the presenters told us about how all the remarkable robots are made for competitions such as this, and the effort put into them. I was inspired by the presentation and thought I would try it out, but I never expected what was coming. That was when I realized that seeing and doing are complete opposites of each other. Throughout the season, we not only went through many hardships, but an equal amount of satisfaction and enjoyment as well. The first robot we constructed did not turn out well, and we felt discouraged. But, we picked ourselves up and ended up building a grand robot that is noteworthy of the Vex World Championships. Through this program, I learned not only the mechanics and technicalities of building and designing robots, but also some imperative qualities necessary for a peaceful and successful existence. I learned how to collaborate with others on a novel level, and how to work well under pressure. I gained knowledge that will never leave my mind; I gained knowledge worthy of putting into action. Robotics has left me with a long lasting impression that is definitely a positive contribution to my currently stressful and busy life. I am extremely happy that I decided to join the VEX robotics team.


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