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The Nature of VEX!!

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Created: Tue, Jan 18, 2022 12:50 AM

Joy us as we explore the fun and exciting world of biomimicry! We will tell you how nature can help us engineer a solution for a better mask.


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In our video, we show biomimicry using our enhanced mask, the Robo-Mask. Using Geckskin, a super adhesive based off of gecko setae and 1/4 inch suction cups based off of octopus suction cups, we present to you the Robo-Mask. We show the pros and cons of each model using either Geckskin or 1/4 inch suction cups and how they work. We also include a hybrid of both, using Geckskin and 1/4 inch suction cups both. Why we put Geckskin and 1/4 inch suction cups? Good question. Not all mask have a tight seal to them, and viruses can come through and air flows out. Glasses also fog up and tight seal masks such as N95 mask are uncomfortable. This way if you put it on the rims, you can get a tight seal without being uncomfortable and have max security.Reference links in YouTube video description.