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Created: Sat, Jan 7, 2012 8:45 PM

Kids hooked on iPods, texting, laptops...we're doomed! Or are we?


VEX...what can I say about it? It's fascinating? It's awesome? It gives us a good excuse to eat way too many snacks? Well...yes. All of those statements are true. But it's so much more than that! VEX is about learning and struggling through life's lessons that will help you all the way to, and through, adulthood. Compromise, leadership, friendship, and even patience. From learning how to work as a team, to helping one another overcome each other's shyness or just plain goofing around. These are just some of the lessons that you can encounter while in robotics. I used to think that our current society was only filled with kids that have their eyeballs glued to TVs, computers, and other mesmerizing electronics. Looking at that alone, I might have permanently believed that our future was hopeless. But thankfully, I was mistaken. When I halfheartedly joined our robotics team I came to realize that it's also filled with amazing kids that are willing to dedicate themselves and put in hours, days, and months of hard work for the chance to compete in exhilarating tournaments. I also learned that the competitions are not just educational, but they help you learn fun subjects like digital media, engineering, and language. So now, when I look around our robotics room, I just close my eyes and imagine what an impact everyone will have on the world, and universe. For all we know, someone in there could be the future inventor of the flying car.

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