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Created: Mon, Jan 9, 2012 11:01 PM

I am participating in Vex Robotics for my second year and am pleased with the outstanding group of high school students who comprise my team. Each teammate contributes a unique skill to the team. After the first few weeks of working together, each person identified a position where he/she not only excelled but enjoyed what he/she was doing. As a result of the team’s incredible synergy, our team has won multiple awards and an invitation to compete in the world competition in CA. Last year each of us worked on different teams, none of which were very successful. As a result of obstacles, each team member stepped up to meet the challenges by becoming a leader in their team. My experiences working on a team with special needs high school students pushed me to learn more effective ways to problem solve, to program, to organize a group of people, and manage a team. By applying these skills to my team this year, we have experienced improved communication and success in competition. Vex Robotics has taught me to pursue excellence with perseverance, share what I have learned with others, and follow my projects through to completion. James Wood 1069E


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