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VEX: A Wonderful Place


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Created: Tue, Jan 10, 2012 10:38 PM

The rain drenches my still-damp hair as I leave the warm lights of the local pool behind. I cross the dark street and eventually find my way back into the school building. School’s out, swim practice is over, and daylight (in the dreary Seattle winter) is but a memory. I smile as I jog down the half-lit hallway, filled with the echoes of good-natured laughter and dremel blades cutting steel. Our robotics club is a forum for discussion, a shop for construction, an environment for competition, and a cradle for creativity. My team generally starts building on a table, but eventually we migrate to the ground, circling in a powwow around a scattered pile of parts and a partially functional robot. “Exothermic Robotics” is where I feed my thirst for innovation and penchant for engineering leadership. VEX robotics is a community that creates limitless opportunity. Robotics has taught me to be forever positive and ready to face any challenges with discussion, precision, and optimism. These values will help me greatly when confronted by difficulties during and after college. What does VEX mean? To me, robotics means enough to me to invest more time than I spend on the homework of a full AP course schedule on; to brave sleep deprivation, random mysterious cuts/scrapes, and hunger after sports practices, merely in order to be competitive. And why? Because so much can happen in VEX Robotics. The possibilities are endless, and VEX is truly a wonderful place.


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