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int Possibilities = ∞;

Entry ID #: 9975
Created: Sat, Dec 4, 2021 12:37 PM

Description: This is a very simplistic poster that conveys multiple messages. First, the line of code, int Possibilities = ∞;, is the only text in the poster, and if placed in C-based code it sets an integer variable “Possibilities” and equals it to infinity. Even if you don’t have any previous knowledge of coding, you can still get the message, and not understanding every component of the line could lead to curiosity in the viewer to learn more. The second element is the two images above and below the line of code. In the bottom you can see a small girl starting to experiment with robotics, and above you can see a grown woman in a laboratory working with a mechanical arm, presumably as a carrier. This conveys two messages, first off showing the possibilities of robotics, and how you can develop your skills into a carrier. And second, showing that robotics is not limited to any specific gender and encourages females to aspire to their capability and potential while reminding them that they are more than qualified enough to take on robotics. Design Process:             This poster was created using photoshop, and the images were gathered from, a site to find photos that are explicitly placed in the public domain. We wanted to convey two messages before even making the poster: progression/possibilities in robotics and women in robotics. We decided to make it very simple using as little text as possible, to allow the viewer to decipher the message themselves and engage with the poster. We placed the two images we found on the top and bottom and separated them with a red bar with the code inside it. We then placed the vex logo as well as the girl-powered logo in the bottom right corner and used the red color from that.

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