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RECF Team Educational Video

This challenge offers robotics competition teams the opportunity to help other schools and clubs learn from their experience. Use your imagination - the only restriction is that it has to contain something useful for a new team to know about competition robotics.



Simple Ultrasonic Sensor Tutorial


This video is intended to teach someone with relatively low skill level how to use and program a Ultrasonic Sensor, using EasyC V4 for Cortex. The video is a little over 4 minutes, and in that time I make a basic program, explain some of the features of the Ultrasonic Sensor, and practical purposes the sensor would have.
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Poentiometer Auto Selection


This tutorial shows how to use a Potentiometer to select between autonomous.
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Autonomous Program Selection with LCD


This tutorial shows how to select the desired autonomous program and display it using the Vex LCD display.
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Good and Bad Joints


This is a video detailing different good and bad joints for connecting VEX metal.
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Vex Robotics RECF Team Educational Video


Team 5003A's entry for the Vex Robotics RECF Team Educational video. The five tips: (summarized) 1.) Analyze the game. 2.) Brainstorm. 3.) Map out your robot. 4.) Begin Building. 5.) Adjust and re-build.
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Bill Fly the Robot Guy - Triangles


In today's episode, watch and learn as a robot builder (Bill Fly the Robot Guy) from VEX Robotics Competition team 3129A, the Green MacHHHHine, teaches you about the many uses and practical applications of triangles in robotics. By watching this humorous spoof on the popular television show "Bill Nye the Science Guy", you will learn the best ways to make important structures in your robot strong and at perfect right angles to each other. You'll even hear from some "Way Cool Scientists" and learn a "Nifty Home Experiment" that you can use on your robots at home!...
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Introduction to Robotics for Micronesia


Of the past year, we started two new VEX teams in Micronesia. We've started a video series to help them out.
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How to calculate optimal gear ratios.


This tutorial shows how to calculate the optimal gear ratio for both competition and classroom robotics. I apoligize for the length. It is a little difficult to get it all under 4 minutes. I realize that the gear ratio order is backwards, it should be 1:12 and 1:7.
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Vex Robotics Instructional Video(Tower Design)

Exothermic 10D

This is a short instructional video outlining the basics of building a competition ready and reliable tower for the vex robotics competition.
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Vex Robotics Instructional Video (Six Bar Design)

Exothermic 10D

This is a short video outlining the basics of designing and building a reliable and sturdy six bar lifting system that can be used for the Vex
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How to Team Build


Team Building is an important step in forming a new robotics team. Our video gives some advice on how to form new bonds between members of a team and provides some real life evidence as well.
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Introduction to Multithreading in RobotC


This tutorial is simplistic and is designed to teach new programmers how to expand the possibilities in their robots by incorporating multithreading. From new programmers to code veterans, this video uses large, basic graphics to help people of all ages understand the information at hand. We hope you enjoy! --Team 1069E (
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Team 2114a Educational Video: Torque and Speed


Video explaining how to calculate the torque and speed of your VRC robot.
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The Basics of a Good Drivebase


In this episode of 254's VEX Talk, Lucas and Dorian cover the basics of drive-bases which include: gear & chain ratios, motor efficiency, tips on motors, and some other helpful hints for building a solid drive-base.
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How to Count VEX Gateway


VEX Gateway Scoring is complicated. This stop motion video explains all of the scoring rules. Enjoy!
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How to Keep a Robotics Notebook


This is an overview of how a team should organize their notebook to be prepared for judging during tournaments.
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254 VEX Talk: Episode 2 - Tips on Programming


In this episode, we have a very basic overview of programming environments, autonomous code, and operator auto/presets
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254 VEX Talk: Episode 3 - An Overview of Lifts


In this episode, Lucas gives an overview of the various types of lifting mechanisms: arms, four & six bar linkages, elevators, and scissor lifts
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How to Build a Competitive Drive Team


In this video we will show you choose and put together a competitive drive team for vex robotics tournaments.
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Analyzing Youtube Robotics Videos


This video shows people how we analyze youtube videos in order to benefit our robot designs and we hope it helps everyone.
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Understanding Gear Ratios


Team 169A's submission for the Educational Video Challenge. This video explains the basics of gear ratios and their relevance to torque and speed.
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beginner level of play for gateway

Paul T. 27

breif discription of how the game can be played with a simple robot
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VRC How To

Omni Eagles 4000

VRC How To By Team #4000
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Using Shafts


A set of rules to use Shafts
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A Qualitative Motor Torque Tester


This is a demonstration on how to qualitatively test the torque on your motor.
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Fundraising Fundamentals with Super Sonic Sparks


One of the most talked about issues on the VEX forum is how to raise money for your VEX Robotics team. The Super Sonic Sparks have created a video with all questions answered! Whether you want to know what fundraising is, ideas for fundraisers, or how to contact sponsors, this video has it all and much much more!
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Zip Goes Your Zip Tie


I came up with this idea one day, and couldnt get it out of my head, it then proved itself as a valuable lesson as i munched some wires because i forgot to cable tie them
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How to Construct a Drivetrain


This is an instrucional video on how to construct a basic drivetrain. Also included is the importance and significance of a drivetrain to a robot.
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