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Introduction to Multithreading in RobotC


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Created: Mon, Jan 9, 2012 11:48 PM

This tutorial is simplistic and is designed to teach new programmers how to expand the possibilities in their robots by incorporating multithreading. From new programmers to code veterans, this video uses large, basic graphics to help people of all ages understand the information at hand. We hope you enjoy! --Team 1069E (


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   1069E on 01/11/2012

To anyone who feels the need to vote negatively: Please leave a comment as to why you chose to poorly vote our video. Thanks!

   1069E on 01/10/2012

And here is the DOC file:

   1069E on 01/09/2012

There is a minor error in the program example. task RaiseArm should actually be task RaiseArm(), and motor[l] = 127 should actually be motor[l] = 127; Sorry for this minor glitch.