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Using Shafts


Entry ID #: 504
Created: Tue, Jan 10, 2012 10:38 PM

A set of rules to use Shafts


Using Shafts. Shafts are misused every year during VRC's so i decided to make a video explaining their correct use. The following are simple rules that will optimize the shaft usage of every Team: 1. When used in gear ratio have: • Extra Supporting shafts(four recommended, two in each side) if holding an arm to avoid shaft twisting and breaking off. • Follow the rest of the rules, and the metal will not be worn off due to friction and the high torque output acting on the shaft against the metal. 2. Always have two sides: • Having two sides will avoid the shaft tilting • If Shaft tilts the robot will lose strength, overcome larger friction, and damage the shaft 3. ALWAYS use the small black delrins: • Using these amazing devices will keep the shaft in place at all times and not fling it around like it will happen by having two sides without the delrins. • The delrins also avoid contact with the metal, hence destroying less parts. That is all, very easy, very handy. This rules are meant to help everyone who is new to VEX or is having an issue with their mechanis.

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