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Cops and Robbers

Entry ID #: 10004
Created: Mon, Dec 27, 2021 2:50 PM

Our theme, Cop & Robs, is pretty much the same rules as a regular game of Cop & Robbers.The balls are the Robbers, and the robots are the Cops. The low goal is the jail,and the high goal is the FBI high Security prison. The robots can get better view of the criminals by low hang or high hang helping them catch more robbers.

Links / Videos

Our video explains the cops and robbers game based on 2021-22 Pitching in VEX IQ game. The balls are the robbers and the robots are the cops. The cops score points by putting the robbers in the low goal which is the jail. They can score higher points by putting the robbers in the high goal which is the FBIs high security prison. They get bonus points by rounding up whole groups of criminals ( clearing the corals) They can get points by low hang and high hang because they can see better to round up more criminals.