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EMC Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge

This challenge is to develop a Website that promotes your entire robotics program - your VRC team(s) and any other robotics programs you participate in, your outreach activities, how to join, what you have done, who you are, where you are, and what you plan to do in the future. In short, build a Website that tells the world how great youth robotics is and how special your program is.



Techna PWN Robotics Website

Simmons 2.0

Introducing, the new and improved, 2011 VEX Gateway Techna PWN Robotics Website! Powered by Wordpress, the website contains such features as an Awesome Header, Blog, Photos, Video links, and more! We have information about our team, pictures from throughout the season, and videos about our robot designs (mostly retired robots for technical education purposes; we don't want to give away all our secrets just yet :-) ) Behind the scenes, we host our robot's code on our website (privately), and use SVN to update and synchronize it with multiple computers and programmers. We also have a page...
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Prime Robotics Website


This is our team website, where we have information about fundraising, sponsors and a blog where we will be keeping you updated about our build sessions and scrimmages
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Kalani Falcon Robotics

user373234 The Kalani Falcon Robotics website hosts a variety of programs ranging from VEX, FIRST, RWDC, ROV, Botball, and also outreach programs. The outreach programs consists of KRA (Kalani Robotics Academy), Project PERCH (Pre Engineering Center of Honolulu), and BBR (Bristle Bot Robotics). The site is created for shopping our outreach program as well as registration for the various events we host such as the corporate tournament.
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Auckland University Robotics Association Website


Our team website which includes information about our team, the vex robotics competition in general, news about our team, photos and videos of our robots and our team, tutorials and robot reveals for other teams, information about our sponsors, and contact details. We use the website both as a first port of call for the general public, as well as internally for the club, with a non-public wiki, an SVN for code, and google apps for communications and document sharing working in the background.
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Lynfield Robotics


Lynfield Robotics team website
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This is our website for the 2011-2012 VEX Robotics season.
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Free Range Robotics website


The Free Range Robotics team website
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The πlons website

The Pilons

This is the Team 5225 (the πlons) website. We use this website (and our private forum) to keep in contact even when we can't meet in person. We also maintain a "interesting" blog, updated about twice a week, and the website displays our twitter feed. (@team5225)
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Team 1200A Syntax Error

General Reggie

We are Team 1200A Syntax Error from St. Mary Central High School in Neenah, Wisconsin, one of seven robotics teams that make up our Technology and Engineering Club (TEC). We love learning new things and are on the vex forum all the time. All of the other websites in this challenge look really good too. We can learn a lot from them. Everyone who entered this challenge is a winner in our minds.
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Exothermic Robotics Club Website


Exothermic Robotics Club is an after school program for students in the local community. It is the largest club in the host school with approximately 70 members participating.
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808 Robotics


808 Robotics is a new independent team from Hawaii; this is our first year competing as a team. Our website hosts media, event news, and awards received by our team. We also maintain a blog written by the working members of our team.
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K Force Robotics


This is the website to showcase our achievements, thoughts, upcoming events, photos, history and whatever else we can think of to put on. The website was designed and coded entirely from scratch (more info on that here:!/about/website). Quote from the home page: We are a group of Year 7-13 students at Kristin School in Auckland, New Zealand who greatly value the challenge and perplexity of robotics. There are two main parts that make up our team: the Year 7-8 group who participate in the FIRST Lego League (FLL) and the Year 9-13 group who participate in the VEX...
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Vexmen website


This is the team website for the Vexmen, a group of teams of Downingtown Area Robotics in the 80 and 81 (80[A-Z], 81[A-Z]). Over 100 students in middle school and high school grades in the Downingtown area's 5 schools compete with and against each other in events as well as the the Technomage League. Check out how we learn, compete, and build together at
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Team 1138 Eagle Engineering Website


Team 1138's website for information and blog.
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Saints Robotics Website


The Saints Robotics new website contains information about the history of our team, and about both FIRST and VEX. It also includes a media gallery featuring every part of our club, and features our Helping Hounds Program, which aims to help those that are less fortunate and promote STEM in our community. Our site is frequently updated, and this year's website was designed completely from scratch.
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1200E New Divide Team/Club site


Hey, guys! I know a lot of people from the VexForum have already seen our site, but here's the summary: Site was programmed by members of our high school VEX team. Our site includes all of the photos, match videos, and video journals (videos from each of our meetings in which we explain what we did that day) that we have of our bot. Also, be sure to check out the time-lapse vid! We wanted our site to reflect what beginners can experience in VEX and the opportunites that are available to them. With that being said, we have sections on our site that explain the positions on a...
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UPDATED Team 542 Whitney High School Robotics


Please excuse the other entry from us - it was prematurely entered. We're WHS Robotics team 542, in Cerritos, California. A very small team, we work hard in everything we do, from building and competition, to outreach and multimedia! This is our website - it's small, we know, but we'd like to think it showcases each of our three teams on different platforms well, along with our summer Robocamp, an academy for robotics. Our website represents our teams, proudly swathed in our team colors and highlighting various pictures we have of our robots and members, along with links to other...
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This is the website for the Super Sonic Sparks, Team 24.
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Team359 Website


This is the official website for Robotics team 359. Enjoy!
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Team 359 "Hawaiian Kids"


Aloha! We’re Team 359 of Waialua Robotics, a.k.a. the Hawaiian Kids! This is some brief information about our team history, events, program, and etc.....
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Team 359 "Hawaiian Kids"


This website is a short briefing of our programs, sponsors, team members, First, our events, and misc. pictures and videos.
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Official Site of Team 985B Robotcatfish
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Critical Mass' website


This is a website that tries to summarize the hard work that has been put into our robot and everything else that 1069E has strove to do.
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Green MacHHHHine Website


This is website of VEX team 3129A the Green MacHHHHine. Enjoy!
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Team 254 "The Cheesy Poofs" website


The Team 254 website is an incredible resource, vital to our team’s success. The primary goal of the website is to keep everybody informed about everything we do, from team members to sponsors to just general people interested in our team. To do this, we’ve redesigned our website this year to make it extremely easy to use. On the front page are recent blog posts, team information, and a list of upcoming events. Towards the top is a navigation bar with links to team history as well as detailed information about our outreach activities and collaborative efforts. Next, we have a detailed...
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SWC Robodogs Website


Home of the SWC Robodogs. D. A. W. G. S. 211A 211D 211G 211W 211S
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Team 562 Website


Website for Team 562
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Joe Walker Middle School Vex Jets


Website about Joe Walker Middle School and their vex robotics team.
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Our website


Our team website can be viewed at
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Haverford Robotics web site


The robotics website for team 169. Made by Team 169C
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