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Team 1200A Syntax Error


General Reggie
Entry ID #: 517
Created: Sat, Jan 7, 2012 2:54 PM

We are Team 1200A Syntax Error from St. Mary Central High School in Neenah, Wisconsin, one of seven robotics teams that make up our Technology and Engineering Club (TEC). We love learning new things and are on the vex forum all the time. All of the other websites in this challenge look really good too. We can learn a lot from them. Everyone who entered this challenge is a winner in our minds.


There is nothing here.

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   JesseCRN on 02/06/2012

It looks like you have added some more content. It looks really good right now! Thumbs up for you!

   General Reggie on 01/14/2012

thank you Bot-e Builders for the comment, I will try to add more content that will make you want to stay on longer.

   JesseCRN on 01/14/2012

Good job on the website. Not to be rude, but there is not that much content on the website, and the website does not really want me to stay on there. Videos and pictures would help out a lot! Keep up the good work! Check out my teams site:

   General Reggie on 01/12/2012

I just added a picture of the club to the home page. I think it looks really good now and thank you everyone for the votes.

   PaperTowels9876 on 01/11/2012

Hey, reggie. You're site's not bad, but I would suggest adding more content next year. More pictures or videos would be nice

   General Reggie on 01/10/2012

thank you for the nice comment, I worked really hard on this site and I learned a lot from making it.

   Drbayer on 01/10/2012

easy to find everything on the site. great job!