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UPDATED Team 542 Whitney High School Robotics


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Created: Mon, Jan 9, 2012 1:03 AM

Please excuse the other entry from us - it was prematurely entered. We're WHS Robotics team 542, in Cerritos, California. A very small team, we work hard in everything we do, from building and competition, to outreach and multimedia! This is our website - it's small, we know, but we'd like to think it showcases each of our three teams on different platforms well, along with our summer Robocamp, an academy for robotics. Our website represents our teams, proudly swathed in our team colors and highlighting various pictures we have of our robots and members, along with links to other outside resources. Also feel free to check out our twitter and facebook! There's a lot of good websites out there for this challenge: good luck to everyone!


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