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Mecanum Wheels with High Radial Clearance

Entry ID #: 11355
Created: Wed, Jan 11, 2023 12:24 PM

Small, 2" mecanum wheels for use on a robot drivetrain. They are built to maximize the radial gap between the edge of the fixed hub and the outer wheel diameter. This reduces the amount of friction between the hub and ground surface as well as increase traction. These wheels allow for easy design and construction of a simple and compact holonomic drivetrain.

Links / Videos

Exploded view animation of the second version of the custom mecanum wheel, which has molded rollers. It has slightly different internals than the first printed version, but uses the same plates.

Exploded view animation of the first version of the custom mecanum wheel, which has printed TPU rollers. All parts, other than standard fasteners and the laser cut plates, are printed. The rollers were eventually placed with molded rubber to increase traction.

Experiment with the first version of the mecanum wheels to test their usability. The programmers were able to successfully implement accurate field-centric control on the four-wheel base, as shown by the robot spinning while driving in a straight line. However, the traction of the wheels was fairly low, so this prompted the creation of the molded rollers as well as implementation on the competition robots.